Deco-Pak spearheading campaign to bring decorative aggregates to the fore of garden retailing

As one of the most recognisable decorative aggregate and garden accessory brands, Deco-Pak knows a thing or two about the impact that decorative aggregates can have upon garden design. Now, as the company celebrates its 15th anniversary, it is spearheading a new campaign that aims to reinvent the perception of decorative aggregates, how they are used in the garden setting and to bring them to the heart of the garden retail environment. The company’s Marketing Director, Craig Hall, explains more.


For too long decorative aggregates have been located in the back corner of the store, often neglected or ignored unless a consumer is specifically looking for them. However, this is a waste of significant potential from both a garden design and a retail sales perspective. Now is the time to start thinking of aggregates as more than a mere commodity product, but instead start to appreciate the growth potential it offers.


Decorative aggregates represent one of the most varied and flexible design options of any garden product, offering the opportunity to quickly and efficiently transform garden spaces. A few bags of gravel or stone chippings can transform a garden in mere hours, whilst also benefiting the pocket with a relatively low price tag when compared to major projects such as decking or patios. Decorative aggregates are all about enhancing and transforming garden spaces, and come in a wide range of colours and styles. Whether creating a traditional garden setting, or looking to style an urban hideaway, decorative aggregates have all the different options covered, making it a product category that appeals to all consumer demographics – a claim few products can boast.


One way that Deco-Pak is helping retailers to see aggregates with fresh eyes is through its Retail Theatre concept at Glee, as well as its proven merchandising displays. At Glee, Deco-Pak highlighted four key themes that are shaping current and future consumer trends – Sustainability, Zen & Wellness, Play, and Enhance. Each zoned area utilised a wide range of products to help retailers understand how to better merchandise core decorative aggregates, as well as highlighting how cross merchandising with other products can create an eye-catching display that will drive multiple sales. In fact, Deco-Pak believes so strongly in this concept that their displays at Glee featured almost 25% of products sourced from other suppliers, including pots from Woodlodge, play pits from Chad Valley and plants from garden retail partners to help enhance the ‘create the look’ style of retailing.


The concept of cross merchandising can also be found within Deco-Pak’s dedicated merchandising solutions for garden retailers. From pairing Pot Toppings with plants and pots, to the Handy Pack display, these displays demonstrate how best to co-locate products alongside each other with flexible and easy to manage merchandising presentations. The new ‘Front Door makeover’ display is also great demonstration of how consumers can put themselves into a realistic setting, making it easier for them to imagine their own front door and selecting the right colour palette or product to suit. Meanwhile, the ‘Alpine Garden’ concept offers consumers the chance to touch and feel, whilst also demonstrating the ease in which an alpine garden can be created. Simply select the decorative aggregate, grab a pot and find your favourite alpine – a purchasing decision that can be made in just seconds when done correctly in store! Deco-Pak’s merchandising displays are all about making it easy at the point of purchase, driving up the minimum basket spend and, perhaps more importantly, making it easy for consumers to confidently complete projects at home. It is this that keeps them coming back, and also keeps the tills ringing.


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To witness Deco-Pak’s new retail theatre concepts, and to see how the brand is brining decorative aggregates to the fore, please visit or call 01422 204394.


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