Cleaning out the gutter is a chore that’s often overlooked or, if we are being honest with ourselves, avoided. But if gutters are left too long, leaves and debris can build up and create blockages, which could result in water entering the house.

Some guttering will be easy to reach; some less so. Now, there is a tool available which makes clearing gutters much easier.

WOLF-Garten’s multi-change® gutter cleaner is the ultimate convenience; it has a two point tool head featuring an adjustable scoop on one side and a brush with strong bristles on the other. The scoop side of the tool will remove a build up of leaves with ease and the brush body has an integrated scraper, which will remove any mud and dirt that has built up.  Both tool heads feature adjustable working angles for additional flexibility.

The multi-change® gutter cleaner can be combined with a long-reaching telescopic handle allowing you to clean guttering with both feet firmly on the ground.


WOLF-Garten’s multi-change® range minimises the amount of full-sized tools needed by providing a range of over 60 lightweight, interchangeable tool heads for garden and home maintenance tasks that fit handle sizes ranging from short to extra-long, saving money and storage space. WOLF-Garten multi-change tools are manufactured in Germany to the highest engineering standards and each tool head is guaranteed for 35 years.


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WOLF-Garten’s multi-change® gutter cleaner – RRP £44.99

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