David Nicholson from elho reveals how to create unique outdoor spaces

Loft Urban Green Wall Rack: RRP £14.29
Don’t have much outdoor space but still looking to create an urban jungle? The elho loft urban green wall is a playful, customisable vertical garden that lets you create your very own, personalised living wall. Hook plant pots in different sizes and colours to the black wire wall grid and fill the pots with your favourite plants and flowers. These wall planters are perfect for growing herbs or tropical hanging plants.

Macintosh SSD:Users:veronicahannon:Dropbox:Photos:Elho:2019 Press release photos:Modern Gardens_Jun19:loft urban green wall rack.i2.jpg

Loft Urban Frame: RRP £13.79 – £18.99
Create a playful effect with plants at various heights and make sure your most beautiful pot-plant combinations are showcased! There is always space on your patio or balcony for even more green with this elho plant rack for your flowerpots. It comes in two different sizes, and has a weather-resistant coating so can be placed anywhere – indoors or out.

Macintosh SSD:Users:veronicahannon:Dropbox:Photos:Elho:2019:Loft Urban:loft urban frame:loft urban frame.i2.tif
Greenville Bowl: RRP £15.49
Create a centrepiece for your outdoor dining table with a beautiful plant in a Greenville Bowl from elho. The integrated water reservoir makes plant care easy for busy urban gardeners. And what’s more, the Greenville Collection is made entirely from plastic production waste using 100% wind power.

Macintosh SSD:Users:veronicahannon:Dropbox:Photos:Elho:2019 Press release photos:Modern Gardens_Jun19:greenville bowl.i2.jpg

Vibia Campana Round RRP £3.99-£26.99
Brighten up a dark corner wtih a trio of Vibia Campana Round to create the perfect backdrop for al fresco entertaining.
Macintosh SSD:Users:veronicahannon:Dropbox:Photos:Elho:2019 Press release photos:Modern Gardens_Jun19:vibia campana round.i7.jpg  
Green Basics Collection RRP £0.89-£43.79
Made from recycled plastic using 100% wind power, the Green Basics Collection from elho is the green solution for eco-conscious gardeners. Mix and match pots and planters in different shapes, sizes and colours to transform your outdoor dining area into a green oasis.

Macintosh SSD:Users:veronicahannon:Desktop:green basics trough saucer.i4.jpg

Flower Light RRP £41.99
Extend the long Summer nights with the Flower Light from elho. This clever solar light gives you one hour of light at night for every full hour of sun in the day. Also doubles up as a wine cooler.

Macintosh SSD:Users:veronicahannon:Dropbox:Photos:Elho:2019 Press release photos:Modern Gardens_Jun19:flower light.i8.jpg

Brussels Herbs Single RRP £6.99-£8.09
The Brussels Herbs Single from elho is stylish as well as practical. Fresh herbs are a must have for Summer salads and barbecued meats, and they also provide a fragrant decoration for your outdoor table.

Macintosh SSD:Users:veronicahannon:Dropbox:Photos:Elho:2019 Press release photos:Modern Gardens_Jun19:indoor brussels herbs single.i2.jpg


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