D.T. Brown Launches Over 30 NEW Seed Varieties For 2021

Every year Suffolk mail order ‘Grow Your Own’ specialists D.T. Brown work with experienced seed breeders around the world to bring their customers the very best varieties. They conduct extensive trials on their own ground and varieties are scored and selected based on their taste, garden performance, yield and resistance to pests and diseases.

As well as stocking their customer favourites D.T. Brown have launched over 30 new flower and vegetable seed varieties into their 2021 range. Launched in their latest Autumn mailing last month, varieties are already selling well with some great feedback received. The latest introductions are quickly establishing themselves as firm favourites amongst customers with the leading varieties already having top-up orders placed to keep up with demand for the spring season ahead.
Best Selling Vegetable Seed Introductions:
Cucumber Luxury F1 (5 seeds £3.85) – A predominantly female variety producing great numbers of the highest quality 35-40cm/14-16in long cucumbers. Good resistance to mildew.
Climbing bean Lazy Housewife (50 seeds £2.89) – A delicious heritage variety that has outstanding flavour. Introduced as the first bean that didn’t require destringing.
Tomato Veranda Red (10 seeds £2.89) – A dwarf variety which combines all the best traits of a compact outdoor type with all the sweetness of a greenhouse cherry tomato. Good resistance to Verticillium, Fusarium and some resistance to Late Blight.
Pumpkin Blaze F1 (10 seeds £2.59) – A small, wonderfully ornamental pumpkin featuring attractive yellow and orange stripes. The sturdy plants have good resistance to powdery mildew to help ensure reliable crops for eating or decoration.

Squash Mashed Potato (10 seeds £2.49) – This novel variety has soft buttery flesh which can be roasted and mashed for a delicious, alternative to potatoes. The plants are vigorous in growth, producing on average 5-6 fruits per plants.

Best Selling Flower Seed Introductions:
Poppy Amazing Grey (500 seeds £2.29) – A twist on a classic field poppy producing masses of flowers in unusual and extremely stylish blue-grey shades.

Cosmos Fizzy Purple (50 seeds £2.29) – The vigorous plants create a free flowering display of large purple blooms, each decorated by an unusual inner ruff of petals.
Verbascum Snowy Spires (35 seeds £2.79) – The tall spires make a great addition to perennial borders, with crisp white spires of blooms, each highlighted by purple stamen. Semi-evergreen rosettes of leaves provide winter interest.
Wildflower Pollinator Attracting Mix (10g seeds £4.49) – A specially formulated attractive mixture of native British wildflowers all chosen for their appeal to a wide variety of pollinating insects.

French Marigold Goldiluxe (50 seeds £2.29) – A traditional, hardworking French marigold selected for its exceptional colouration and sheer all-round garden performance.

D.T. Brown also have a new trial seed for 2021. This season they are delighted to offer Parsnip Sabre F1. A high-quality British- bred variety with long and extremely white, smooth skinned roots that have a very good flavour and show good resistance to canker. Customers will receive a FREE packet of Sabre F1 and FREE seed labels with ALL seed orders place.

To request a copy of the new Fruit and Vegetable Grower’s Seed and Plant Catalogue 2021, available from January, write to D. T. Brown Seeds, Bury Road, Newmarket CB8 7PQ, telephone 0845 371 05 32, or go online www.dtbrownseeds.co.uk


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