Cultivating Retail: How SmartPlant Gives Your Business The Edge with Millennials

75% of SmartPlant users are between 25-45 and digital interfaces are the ideal way to communicate with this emerging, plant mad, demographic.

Here are 3 ways SmartPlant can help you communicate with a younger customer:

1. Customer Success

SmartPlant engages customers beyond the  shopping experience with an additional, on demand and informative product.
  • Users can build their own plant library and see relevant information from SmartPlant’s encyclopedic database.
  • Customers have access to Live Expert Chat providing support around the clock for all horticultural queries

2. New Channels

SmartPlant is a live skill on Amazon Alexa, an innovation recently dubbed ‘the future of gardening’, this means plants can literally tell their owners what they need to thrive.

3. Rewards and Digital Loyalty 



SmartPlant’s data insights give you access to unprecedented consumer intelligence which can facilitate dynamic marketing campaigns delivered through the app that are unique to each recipient


  • Send targeted push notifications to reward loyal customers, build trade excitement and promote seasonal products and promotions



The SmartPlant App is available to download NOW

Personalised Monthly Plant Care Calendar
Plant & Pest Identifications 
Live Expert Chat
Plant Library of over 20,000 plants
Complete Amazon ALEXA compatibility
Engaging video content 
Exclusive offers, products and promotions from your local ‘smart’ retailer with barcode scan technology

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