Create your own green wall of foliage and flowers anywhere in your home

Bringing nature into your home with a green wall of your favourite indoor plants where ever you want it, and with minimal maintenance, can be achieved with the new LECHUZA Green Wall Home Kit Glossy collection.

The CUBE Glossy self-watering planters are available in white, scarlet red and charcoal colours, all in a high-gloss finish.  Each CUBE has its own removable planter liner, water level indicator and wick.  The sets include three CUBE planters, three brackets and one wall bar. The lightweight metal bar provides a secure hold for the entire contents: the planters, plant and water on any wall.

LECHUZA have also simplified plant care and maintenance. Plants are placed into the planters in their existing pots, eliminating the need for repotting.  The wick is inserted into the bottom, and this transports moisture and nutrients from the reservoir to the roots as and when the plant needs it. Also, the integrated water level indicator tells you when it’s time for a re-fill, leaving you without the watering guesswork for weeks at a time.

Basic CUBE planters can also be used as stylised holders for make-up and toiletries in the bathroom or for stationery in the office or children’s bedrooms. A special edition Kiss and CUBE Glossy Triple are also part of the brand new collections, compatible with the Green Wall system. The versatile Kiss planters are ideal for adding a splash of character to children’s rooms with their high-gloss glitter finish, and the Triple offers more room for your favourite flowers, herbs or small shrubs – ideal for adding a statement to any windowsill or side table.



Green Wall Home Kit Glossy – RRP £71.99

CUBE Kiss – RRP £14.99

CUBE Glossy Triple – RRP £24.99


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