City Gardening with Bio Green

Bio Green is the provider of innovative and effective products centred on successful gardening where the gardener may be restricted on space or time. With the right facilities, you can be a gardener anywhere; city balconies, roof terraces and small gardens. Bio Green’s extensive range of products are the perfect accompaniment to city gardening.


The Hydro Wine

Through placing importance on easy maintenance and convenience, the Hydro Wine is a natural fit for customers perhaps lacking in time, gardening know-how, or space.

This eco-friendly device will encourage gardeners to recycle old wine bottles as they now can be used around the home and garden as an irrigation system for plants. To use, simply fill a chosen wine bottle with water, pop in the device, invert the bottle into the soil and you’re ready to grow. The smart Hydro Wine device will ensure plants are watered for up to a week.

The Polytunnel Super Dome

The Super Dome Polytunnel from Bio Green will extend the average growing season by as much as two months as it offers protection against frost and strong sun as well as garden pests.

It has been cleverly designed to both help plants grow but also to protect them from the elements. The roof has shading material sewn into it so that seedlings are protected against the sun and heat. With two side openings to allow ventilation, the polytunnel is easy access for watering plants and crops.

The Maxitom Plant Tower

The innovative, space saving design of Bio Green’s Maxitom Plant Tower is a great way of maximising your harvest, enabling gardeners to grow up to four plants for every metre making it particularly ideal where space is at a premium.

Features a sturdy built in structure and a 2L water reservoir. This is the perfect companion for fruit and veg, giving them the support, they need to grow tall without the fear of vines snapping.

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