Buzzing for Bees

Spend some quality time together this National Children’s Gardening Week (Saturday 25th May to Sunday 2nd June, 2019). Get outside and spend some quality time together planting bee friendly plants this National Children’s Gardening Week (Saturday 25th May to Sunday 2nd June, 2019).  Getting outdoors with your children is not only fun, it is also educational – why not teach your kids how to do their part for the environment by planting a pot of bee friendly plants this National Children’s Gardening Week?

Recognising that having no bees would mean virtually no flowers, no gardens and very little food, Hozelock’s mission is to help to save Britain’s bees and to make it easy for families to play their part. By planting a container with bee-friendly plants, bulbs or seeds, and keeping it watered and healthy throughout the foraging season, you can have a huge impact on the availability of bee food throughout the year.

What’s more, if you visit and pledge to #plantapot to help save Britain’s bees you’ll be in with the chance of winning over £5,000 worth of great gardening and bee-related prizes in Hozelock’s free prize draw. Plus, there are dozens of £10 Horticultural Trade Association vouchers (which can be spent at most garden centres) to be won every month!


No matter the size of your family’s garden – from a small urban balcony to hanging baskets – both you and your children can play a key role in helping Britain’s pollinators. With more than 18,000 pledges to plant bee-friendly plants in 2018, Hozelock’s Plant A Pot campaign has been a huge success so far and wants to continue to help keep gardens buzzing in 2019!

>From children’s goodies – chocolate and berries – and adult favourites – coffee and avocado – it is estimated that a staggering one third of all food is bee and insect pollination dependant*.


Perfect for your plant pots!

Ultramax Multi Spray
SRP £35

The solid zinc alloy body of each Ultramax Multi Spray is designed to withstand the most rugged of environments and has been tested in extreme conditions to prove the value of investing in premium products that will last the test of time. Hozelock’s demanding specification of the Ultramax range included repeatedly driving a 1600kg car over the products and for them to still be useable after the test, overcoming one of the most common causes of damage to watering equipment.

NEW Pure BioMix
SRP £69.99

Available February 2019

The innovative NEW Pure BioMix allows you to make your own effective fertilisers quickly and easily, with the smell contained safely within the unit. In addition to helping protect plants from disease, by creating your own fertiliser you’ll also reduce the amount of single use plastic used. The BioMix will soon prove its worth as you will have free natural fertiliser on tap – all without the use of any chemicals that might harm wildlife or pets!

Easy Drip Micro Kit
SRP £32.99

At last, an automatic watering system that can be adapted to work for any garden – Hozelock’s Easy Drip Micro Kit is simple to install and enables full control of the water flow and direction, delivering the exact amount of water that plants need. The Hozelock Easy Drip system overcomes gardener’s perception of complex automatic watering systems and is compatible with other systems, so gardeners can buy just what they need and add on as their gardens extend, opening up a whole new world of garden watering.

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