APF 2020 taking place on the 24-26th September, is offering exhibitors a book now -pay later option

The current Covid-19 crisis affecting all of us is causing significant financial hardship for many businesses with orders drying up, the loss of income, being forced to lay-off staff and having difficulty in paying bills. At such times paying for something over five months away is not a high priority.

APF 2020 is seeking to encourage exhibitors to look forward to the show, book their site and enable them to start planning for the event.   To this end they are giving any new exhibitor the opportunity to book now and reserve their site for just £100 + VAT and delay paying the balance until the 1st September, by which time we all hope that the world will have returned to something like normal and businesses are up and running again.

Exhibition Secretary commented “With so many shows being cancelled there is an understandable reluctance by businesses to commit money too far in advance and limited cash flow making this a real problem in any case. Many exhibitors rely on the show season for sales and many of these opportunities have now gone. APF 2020 is still set to take place on the 24-26th September and we want to help exhibitors by encouraging them to book now and extending our normal 30 day terms. We hope this will give confidence to exhibitors and allow them to start planning for APF 2020. Already over 170 exhibitors have booked to exhibit with us this year. We hope that both visitors and exhibitors will relish being released from lockdown and come together to make this a great industry event.”

For further information, booking forms, maps, a list of current exhibitors and much more can be found on our website www.apfexhibition.co.uk, email: info@apfexhibition.co.uk Tel: 01428 723545



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