A Cobra mower for every lawn

Gardeners with lawns that are big or small, on a slope or flat or in desperate need of a good quality cut will discover that Cobra has a mower to suit every type of British lawn.

Quick trimming with Li-ion

For those who need a powerful machine battery-powered machine, the new MX range will exceed expectations. The MX3440V, MX4140V and MX46S40V all offer exceptional performance and style, yet the lithium-ion battery allows users to get more lawn cut, without wires and cables slowing you down.

With the option of hand-propelled or self-propelled to choose from, depending on the model, gardeners have full control of the machine, making mowing easier. Each of the three machines is powered by a 40V battery, offering a quiet, clean yet powerful and lightweight combination. The Cobra 40V Lithium-ion technology means the mower is always ready to use and it suffers from no exhaust emissions.


The MX3440V is the smallest mower within the collection and has a 35-litre grass bag for cuttings. It also has five adjustable cutting heights which can be easily adjusted.

Built with all the innovative features of the MX4140V, the MX3440V has been designed to mow larger lawns. It comes with the option of seven cutting heights, ranging from 25mm for a superb low finish, up to 75mm for tackling longer grass and has a 50-litre fabric grass bag, ideal for collecting large amounts of clippings.

The Cobra MX46S40V is the top of the range machine within the collection and features a unique side discharge function. When using this feature, the grass is discharged in neat lines to the side of where the user is mowing. The MX46S40V is also equipped with a mulch plug to release the grass clippings back into the lawn.

Several lawn mowers from Cobra offer this innovative mulching option and it recycles the lawn by finely cutting and re-cutting the clippings. As the clippings decompose, nutrients and fertilisers are returned to the soil meaning you can cut the grass and fertilise at the same time.



Gardeners looking to achieve a characteristically British striped lawn needn’t look further than the Cobra CM32E. This electric cylinder lawnmower features four diamond ground blades leaving behind a beautiful finish. The large split rear roller creates stripes and allows easy movement, yet it has also been designed compactly to offer flat or vertical storage.

The cylinder cutting system on the mower cuts the grass cleanly and sharply, helping the grass stay greener for longer.

Stripes can also be achieved when using the electric-powered GTRM range. Designed with an integrated rear roller to give the lawn a perfect striped finish, these four mowers are incredibly lightweight and feature powerful motors ranging from 1300 to 1600w. Each machine is equipped with comfy upper handles to increase comfort and remove stress whilst mowing.

Thanks to the smart rear roller, gardeners now have the ability to mow right up to the edges of flowerbeds and borders, removing the need for additional strimmer equipment. The GTRM38 and GTRM40 machines have also been designed with the mulching plug, to release clippings back into the lawn.


Petrol power


Gardeners looking to tackle medium to large sized gardens with a powerful mower will benefit from using the M41C or M46C. Built with engines which offer a quiet yet powerful combination, the M41C and M46C incorporate the latest engine design technologies ensuring optimal torque and efficiency.

The M41C has a choice of seven cutting heights and is built with a 50-litre grass bag making it perfect for tackling larger lawns with ease.

The M46C has the same great features as the M41C but has the added choice of 10 cutting heights and a larger 60-litre grass bag.

Cobra products are available to buy online at the Cobra store or via a network of expert dealers across the UK.

For more information visit www.cobragarden.co.uk

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