5 ways to make the most of your garden space

For many of us, spending time in the garden is considered a favourite pastime. So, making use of the garden space available to you, no matter what the size, is important so you can enjoy the time you spend there. The gardening experts at Hayter, have put together a few ways you can make the most of your outdoor garden space.


Making plants work

If you have a smaller garden, a good way to maximise space is to consider the size of the plants you use. Bigger plants will no doubt dominate the space you have available in your garden, so be sure to pick slightly smaller types. Pots or boxed plants are a must have for smaller gardens as they will give you maximum greenery without compromising on space as pots can be moved around, hung or mounted on walls to take up less ground space. Planting some evergreen plants could be a good way to ensure that you have greenery in your garden all year round, without taking up too much room.


Garden furniture

Placing some furniture in your garden is another great way to get more use out of your outdoor space, while simultaneously adding style and comfort. A small bistro style set or even a compact four-seat set will suit smaller gardens, but if you have a bigger space you can furnish more creatively. What’s important is for the furniture to suit your needs; something small that can be easily stored or covered during winter, so it’s worth considering what to do with your furniture in the cooler months. If you’re into entertaining guests, perhaps considering how to make the space usable year-round could be another way to make the most of your garden.


Lawn tips

If you have a smaller lawn, don’t let it stay plain and uninspiring – there are tons of things you can do to bring some life to your grass. Why not consider shaping your lawn rather than extending it out into every edge of the garden? Putting borders into your lawn is a great way to incorporate extra plants and flowers into your garden and will draw the eye up and give the illusion of a bigger space.


Mowing your lawn regularly will give it a neat finish and better show off the space. The Hayter Harrier® 41 is an ideal mower to help with smaller gardens, with a cutting width of 41cm to make it the perfect size mower for compact spaces. The mower’s trim side design is helpful when cutting along those tight borders or raised flower beds. The rear roller on the Harrier will also create a striped finish to your lawn, giving your garden a smart and spacious look.


Ditch the shed

Having a shed in your garden, especially a smaller garden, will no doubt overwhelm the space you have available. So, if you’re needing to store things away, such as small garden tools, try using garden storage which doubles as somewhere you can display plants as well. There are many clever storage solutions for your garden, so it pays off looking for something that suits your space rather than a traditional shed.


Welcome wildlife

Providing a space for wildlife to access food and shelter, especially in urban areas, is becoming increasingly important. So, another great way to make your garden space work harder is to make some small additions for your local wildlife, such as bird feeders and houses. Animal friendly additions are not just limited to those with loads of space, but simple additions such as wildflowers will also encourage insects and birds to visit your garden. Even the smallest space can be made to support the local wildlife without impacting too much on the space you have available in your garden.


For more information, please visit www.hayter.co.uk.


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