Blight Resistant Tomato Trials Say YES!

The blight resistant story continues after a discussion on Gardeners Question Time recently with some queries over the benefits of blight-resistant tomatoes. The Burpee Europeteam wanted to share the trial testimonial below regarding one of their blight resistant varieties Crimson Crush.

Simon Crawford, leading plant breeder at Burpee Europe, first identified blight resistant genes in a number of tomato breeding lines at the Burpee research station in Yorkshire.  He then worked for many years together with James Stroud, PhD scientist at Bangor University, to create a blight resistant variety. They combined blight resistant genes Ph2 and Ph3 into just one plant, thus creating Crimson Crush.  And now of course there are also the additional Cocktail Crush and Rose Crush added to this blight resistant family of tomatoes.

Suttons who sell Crimson Crush, actually chose it initially from a blind taste test, and later when it came out top, realised it was blight resistant.  In their trials in 2014 Suttons stated that “As well as being able to shrug off even the worst attack of blight, Crimson Crush produces exceptionally fine tasting, large, round tomatoes, each weighing up to 200g.”
The picture above is of Crimson Crush on the left compared to a blight affected tomato variety during  Sutton’s trials.

In the Which Gardening blight-resistant tomato trials in 2018.  Crimson Crush came top of the table with 5 stars overall, for blight resistance, yield and flavour. Crimson Crush, Burlesque and Veranda Red are all on the list of Which Best Buys in this months issue, May 2022.

The blight resistant varieties bred by Burpee Europe include …

Crimson Crush – Developed in Yorkshire and tested at Bangor University for proven high levels of blight resistance alongside delicious flavour. Suitable for outdoor growing in most European climates from the UK to the Czech Republic.

Rose Crush – Selected for its pink colour and outstandingly balanced flavour of umami, sweetness, and acidity. It is highly blight-resistant and produces a good yield of medium-large beefsteak fruit.

Cocktail Crush – Is the smaller-fruited and sweeter sister line to ‘Crimson Crush’, with a complex tangy finish when eaten. This is like a blight-resistant ‘Ailsa Craig’, a classic salad tomato with great flavour.

Nagina – With stunning red, plum type fruits, this variety combines culinary excellence with resistance to blight, and earliness to ripen. It is one of the most versatile plum tomatoes on the market for home gardeners, and it is a magnificent cooking all-rounder.

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