Blagdon’s new cleaning system leaves ponds consistently clear and healthy

ONE OF the UK’s leading water garden product companies has this month officially launched a foam-free pressurised pond filtration system providing the complete solution for a guaranteed beautifully clean pond (December 2019).

Blagdon’s new Clean Pond Machine offers an effective, easy-to-use, wildlife and pet-friendly, filtration system keeping gardeners’ ponds clean and healthy while also ensuring their hands remain clean and dry too.

Andrew Paxton, who is the Development Manager at Blagdon and a dedicated product designer, explained: “As a pond and fish keeper myself, I know that keeping a beautiful pond can be hard work with the wrong tools. I knew we could make the experience better and push the industry standard, so we created a considered design, tackling pond problems consumers have been struggling with for decades.

“I’ve been working on and developing the Clean Pond Machine during the past 10 years and it’s a product that has had every element designed with pond keepers’ frustrations and struggles in mind. Making it easier for gardeners and guaranteeing clear water was our main objective, thus creating a product that we would want to use ourselves.

“As a standard filter alone can’t tackle blanketweed and sludge effectively, our concept includes a filter and dosing pods as a complete system. We can only get so far with biological and mechanical methods, so I knew we needed to develop something that closed the nutrient loop, and balanced it, to deliver a consistently healthy pond. Our Clean Pond Machine with dosing Pods system was designed specifically to address this previously unsolved problem.

“I also wanted to create a filter that removed a lot of the manual labour involved with pond cleaning and that improves people’s relationships with their ponds year-round. I continually seek hassle-free solutions for pond keepers like myself, so we can all free up more time just sit back and enjoy our gardens.”

The Clean Pond Machine and Pods system offers ease of maintenance and deals with green water, brown water, blanketweed and sludge, while encouraging healthy aquatic plants and is a wildlife, pet and plant-friendly solution.

It deals with and prevents the age-old issues that come with pond-keeping including frequent and messy cleaning routines, blocked, clogged filters, soggy, sludgy foams, green water and ineffective water cleaning, all resulting in a cloudy pond.

Paired with the Clean Pond Pods, a free starter pack is included with the machine, the complete system also deals with algae such as blanket weed, encourages healthy aquatic plant growth, makes tap water top-ups safe and eats pond sludge – further reducing filter cleaning.

“The integrated Clean Pond Pod, direct to filter, dosing chamber means the wildlife-friendly treatment gets to work at the heart of your filter to deliver optimum results.

“The filter uses our exclusive 2-in-1 CHI media that functions as both mechanical and biological filtration and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Unlike foams, the media will never deteriorate or need replacing and will go on effectively and consistently cleaning your pond for years to come!

“Cleaning is a breeze using the ‘Turn to Wash’, clean hands system. Simply rotate the handle to break up the media and flush out the collected dirt captured from the pond. The flushed, dirty water can be recycled on your plant boarders and is beneficial to the garden.

“The filter body has been specifically designed to be smaller than conventional pressure filters while still delivering exceptional performance. Convenient above or in-ground installation, along with its size, makes it more subtle and easier to locate.”

For peace-of-mind, this product also comes with a clear water guarantee – delivered by an integrated UV Clarifier.

“We’re offering resellers cumulative profit over time through selling this system, as consumers will return time and time again to buy more Clean Pond pods, which is something that selling a competitors filter can’t offer. It gives retailers repeat customer visits and a 119% increase in sales contributions over three years.”

Clean Pond Machine has four sizes, depending on pond size:

7000, 10,000, 13,000 and 16,000

SSP: £199.99, £224.99, £249.99, £279.99


Blagdon is part of Interpet Ltd’s group of brands. Interpet offers one of the largest pet and aquatic ranges in the UK, including products from the Interpet, Blagdon, Kent Marine, Mikki, Nylabone, PetLove, Kaytee, Four Paws and Interpet Publishing brands.

Clean Pond Machine is available for trade to order now and for consumers to buy from March 2020.


For more information, please visit or to become a Blagdon stockist, please email


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