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‘Bhut Bhindi’, the Okra moonlighting as a tropical bloom

Banish those slimy okra blues of old with ‘Bhut Bhindi’!

Okra also known as Lady’s Fingers, has been seen by some in the past to be difficult to grow in our UK climate, and not that great to eat.  But with the brand new Okra ‘Bhut Bhindi’, from Burpee Europe, all this has changed.  Previously, this vegetable has not been bred for greenhouse production, so nearly impossible to grow in the UK.  However, ‘Bhut Bhindi’ is perfectly suited to cold greenhouses. Not only that, but it also has stunning white tropical-esque flowers and quirky pale greenish-white fruit which are delicious when cooked in a whole array of dishes.

In the latest issue of Which magazine the review of ‘Bhut Bhindi’ states “Bred for growing in cooler climates (so ideal for an unheated greenhouse) it produced impressive plants with lovely yellow flowers resembling hibiscus blooms” and continued “We picked around 700 g of pale green fruits from each plant between July and September”  

Okra ‘Bhut Bhindi’ creation
This variety wowed the Burpee breeding team in Bangalore, so much so that they selected it for its vigour, colour and cold tolerance.  Testing it in the UK it was found to be extremely prolific and highly suitable for colder conditions, and therefore very fitting for our climate.  

Okra ‘Bhut Bhindi’ to eat
This variety grows up to 30 cm long, however, the best time to harvest is when you can snap the okra rather than bend it.  We find this is usually when it is around 10 cm long.  The Burpee team enjoy eating ‘Bhut Bhindi’ in the Creole Okra with Chicken & Prawns recipe that was devised for them by chef Valerie Hamelin.

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