Banish loneliness with the birds, bees and butterflies ts Mental Health Awareness Week 🦋🐝🐦

With Mental Health Awareness Week just around the corner, the team at Vivara is on a mission to help banish loneliness by encouraging more bees, birds and butterflies into your garden! There are a number of ways you can connect with nature, and it doesn’t matter where you live either, whether you have a large garden, patio, or balcony, there’s a world of wildlife at everyone’s fingertips. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Vivara’s top picks to help encourage more wildlife into your garden this spring.

NEW: Wildlife Borders

Vivara’s wildlife garden packs are perfect for beginners in gardening, who want to give some of their green space back to wildlife. Designed to fill a 1 metre x 3 metre space, Vivara has hand-picked a number of beneficial and nutritional plants as well as feeders & shelter options, to help promote biodiversity on your doorstep. Vivara has done the hard work, so you don’t have to! Packs are designed to support different types of native wildlife, including birds, butterflies, bees and insects.

Discover Window Feeder

This nifty little window feeder is ideal for first time bird feeders, and for those with smaller gardens, yards or balconies. Window feeders are a great way to watch garden birds close up, without having to leave your home. The high suction pads secures the feeder to your window, and you can fill it up with a variety of seed mixes.  This is also a great gift for someone who might be living with limited mobility or simply needs a little wellbeing boost by seeing their lovely local birds enjoy their food.

Galiano Double Squirrel Feeder

This squirrel feeder is the double variant of Vivara’s popular single squirrel feeder Victoria. Made with flamed wood, with a black roof, the Galiano has plenty of character to fit into any garden. Squirrels do not hibernate but do stock up to get through the winter, so providing food sources is essential, and it’s a lot of fun to see the squirrels work out how to operate the feeder and lift the lid themselves to get the food! The double feeder gives an option for offering two different squirrel feed mixes.

Deluxe Hedgehog Basket

This hedgehog basket offers hedgehogs a safe and sheltered place to hibernate throughout winter. Often, tidy landscapes impact the hedgehog’s ability to find a suitable nesting site. As an imitation of a natural nest, this hedgehog basket is the ideal accommodation for a hedgehog, with added lining inside the basket to stop their spikes getting caught. Place the hedgehog basket on a dry surface in a sheltered and quiet place in the garden, put some loose leaves in the basket, then cover the basket with a thick layer of leaves, branches and other natural materials.

Alboran Insect Hotel

This beautifully designed insect hotel is ideal as a shelter for insects. Solitary bees, among other things, like to use an insect hotel. After collecting enough pollen into the bamboo tubes they will then lay their eggs and cover with more pollen. When the eggs hatch, the pollen forms food for the young bee and works its way out to fly out.

Bees, as pollinators of plants, are essential for our food supply. Help the bees by hanging this insect hotel. Give it a sunny spot, preferably close to many flowering plants.

For Vivara’s full range of wildlife habitats, feeders and food, please visit

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