Are your products child and pet safe ?

child and Pet Safe

Many people are concerned regarding the protection of their youngsters or pets after they use garden care products like pesticides, fertilizer or cleaners. However, the ecofective® range from Sipcam, amongst the world’s leading plant technology firms, offers incomparable peace of mind, because of its new series of ‘ Child and Pet Safe ’ merchandise.

Made in the United Kingdom for the ethically aware gardener, the range doesn’t use typical chemical pesticides or biocides however instead uses natural ingredients with favourable eco-toxicological credentials. This means the range is inherently safer for both user and the garden, therefore youngsters, pets and wildlife don’t have to be excluded from the treated areas as Matt Jones of Sipcam UK explains:

“Since 2009, the CLP Regulation requires chemicals to be classified for hazards and therefore the packaging to be tagged accordingly. Hazard pictograms need to be firmly pasted to common consumer household products likewashing-up liquid, laundry detergents, shampoos and even bactericide gels and soaps, highlighting warnings like “Can cause serious eye irritation, keep of reach of children, Harmful to aquatic life etc.”

child and Pet Safe

“ecofective’s child and Pet Safe merchandise (currently eight) use effective formulations using ‘green chemistry’ and need no such labels. To mention our products are safer for children and pets than Fairy Liquid to the trade and the consumer is a powerful and daring statement to be able to make.

“There is a common misconception that all pesticides and fertilisers in garden care products are harmful, but ecofective use naturally derived ingredients that leave no residual impact on the surroundings, making the treated area instantly safe for all the family, aquatic life and wildlife too!

Now more than ever our nation is being taught the importance of protecting the globe we live on, with a particular focus on bee safety. Rest assured ecofective’s child and Pet Safe range is additionally safe to use around bees, butterflies and other useful insects too.”

This specific sub-category provides garden retailers with an attractive and extremely visible product offer, totally supported by a compact FSDU and one metre shelf header boards to help merchandise the range. We encourage retailers to tap in to the increasing client demand and growth for child and pet safe products and stock up for the coming horticulture season.”

Available through our exclusive distributer Decco or contact on 01763 212100 or email



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