Aquatic retailers asked to sign-up for eco-friendly pond pump recycling scheme

AQUATIC retailers are being invited to sign up for a pond pump recycling scheme to help encourage a more eco-friendly and energy saving approach to pond keeping (June 2020).

Blagdon has launched its new Amphibious IQ scrappage scheme offering consumers £25 off an energy-efficient pond pump when they trade in their old one for recycling.

Andrew Paxton, who is the Development Manager at Blagdon, says: “We’re hoping as many stores, whether they are stand-alone outlets or part of garden centres, will join in with our eco-friendly, money-saving, recycling scheme offering pond keepers wishing to upgrade their old pumps our new eco-friendly Amphibious IQ Filter & Waterfall pump at a reduced price.

“It is the best adjustable pond pump for filters and waterfalls and offers a whole raft of benefits for pond keepers. Our instore scrappage scheme is designed to encourage people to recycle rather than throw away the old pump they have when it becomes superfluous or faulty. The initiative aims to help pond keepers replace and recycle their old pump for a more energy efficient one and, via our resellers, we will accept any old, faulty or inefficient pump they may have.

“We will also be helping to upgrade people to a more environmentally-sound product that is economical and energy efficient to run, so better for their pockets and the natural world around them.

“Suitable for waterfalls and filters, the Amphibious IQ combines low maintenance with high performance, and, using its digital motor technology, consumes around 30% less energy than similarly priced pumps. It employs digital motor technology for ease of use and pump protection, combined with variable wattage, ensuring it is flexible to use and promoting further money saving.”

The other benefits of the Amphibious IQ include its:

  • Motor Protection System – if the pump detects the motor is clogged or jammed the motor protection system will pause and display, motor jammed, clean impeller, clean rotor. When the clogging has been removed the pump can safely restart.
  • Run Dry Protection System – if the pump detects it has run out of water, it will pause and display, water low, add water. When water has been added, the pump will safely restart.
  • Flexible Power Usage Control & Display – with the touch of a button the user can stop, start, increase or decrease power and flow, thereby allowing for optimum performance and maximum energy saving. Reducing the power during the winter or other times when not in high use, can lower power consumption, save money and reduce wear to the pump workings. A clear, visible digital display will show the current power consumption, but also will alert the user to specific problems that might occur such as low water, preventing run-dry damage and inform the user what to do to fix the issue.
  • Soft Start – when the pump is turned on, the flow will slowly increase to its pre-set position. This helps to reduce the wear on the pump while decreasing stress to the pipework and filters fitted to the system.

“The Amphibious IQ can be placed any way up while submerged in the pond. Its casing has equally distributed holes all the way around, which ensures an even flow of water to the pump, so, if debris creates a partial blockage, the pump will continue to work. The impeller also has clear housing, making it easy to check for possible blockages or damage without having to undo it. With a three-year guarantee, the Amphibious IQ pack contains a pump, controller, hose tails and a complete set of fittings.”

The Amphibious IQ comes in four sizes, depending on pond size:

Amphibious IQ 2250-4500 – SSP £174.99

Amphibious IQ 3000-6000 – SSP £189.99

Amphibious IQ 4500-9000 – SSP £224.99

Amphibious IQ 6000-12000 – SSP £249.99

Blagdon is part of Interpet Ltd’s group of brands. Interpet offers one of the largest pet and aquatic ranges in the UK, including products from the Interpet, Blagdon, Kent Marine, Mikki, Nylabone, PetLove, Kaytee, Four Paws and Interpet Publishing brands.

Amphibious IQ scrappage scheme is available for current and potential Blagdon stockists to sign-up to now and for consumers to use from now onwards.

For more information, please visit or to become a Blagdon stockist, please email


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