An organic way to tackle vine weevils in the garden

Vine weevils are beetles that attack a wide range of plants, both indoors and outdoors, and they are especially damaging to ones grown in containers. It is one of the most widespread, common, and devastating garden pests.

Over autumn and winter, the weevil larvae hide beneath the soil and feed on roots, causing plants to wilt and die, and if they survive, the grown adult weevils will then eat plant leaves during spring and summer, resulting in irregular-shaped notches on the leaves.

BASF’s Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer is an organic and effective way to deal with a vine weevil infestation. Nemasys targets the larvae while they are still in the soil and kills them before they have a chance to cause damage.

A regular regime of using Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer every six weeks throughout the growing season is the best way to control the pets.

Gavin Wood, business development and key account manager for nematodes at BASF, suggests the best way to get the most out of beneficial nematodes.

He said: “First of all, we would recommend signing up to an extended programme, receiving a delivery every eight weeks, so you can keep pest numbers down throughout the season – this way, you will be guaranteed a damage-free harvest. We recommend you start watering your nematodes in March and stop by the end of October. Also, it’s important to remember after every application, you need to keep the area well-watered, for at least two weeks.”


How to use:



  1. Before opening the pack of nematodes, ensure that the vine weevil larvae are present and that the soil is above five degrees centigrade.
  2. Once you have confirmed the above, dissolve the entire packet of Nemasys into a 10-litre bucket of water to create a stock solution. Stir vigorously and immediately take 0.5 litres of the stock solution.
  3. Add this to a five-litre watering can fitted with a very coarse rose and then fill this with water.
  4. Apply this solution, a section at a time, to the soil area which requires treatment. Keeping taking 0.5 litres of the stock solution and adding it into the watering can with water until the whole area is treated.
  5. To finish off, water the treated area(s) after application so that the nematodes are washed thoroughly into the soil.

An entire season’s worth of pest control can be purchased via online stockists at and will be delivered fresh, straight to your door throughout the season.

BASF is the only nematode producer to supply fresh nematodes, rather than dehydrated, and is passionate about doing so as this ensures the quality of the product remains high and consistently effective.

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