AirMow :Hovering over the toughest slopes


Cobra has the UK’s largest choice of lawnmowers, with almost 50 different models available.Earlier this year Cobra added to its mower offering by introducing two AirMow models to its range. Banks and slopes can pose problems for conventional rotary or cylinder lawnmowers, however with a hover machine this is not a concern. The new Cobra hover mowers feature both a domestic and a heavy-duty professional option. Following the success of these two models, Cobra has now added a new model to the AirMow range.


The new AirMow51B is a 20” petrol hover mower that is driven by an incredibly powerful Briggs & Stratton 575EX engine with ReadyStart technology that guarantees easy starting every time with no priming, choking or oil changing – just pull the starter cord! The 575EX is an E SERIES™ engine that is specially designed to reduce exhaust emissions and surpasses the European Exhaust Emissions standards by at least 25%. This also ensures easier starting, improved performance and an enhanced customer experience.


Weighing just 18kg the AirMow51B is incredibly easy to move around, something which is aided by the wheel kit which comes as standard, allowing the mower to be pushed easily over paths and difficult or uneven ground. When not needed the wheels can simply be lifted and clicked into place to be stored out of the way, they can also be easily removed.


AirMow lawnmowers from Cobra can cut awkward places and even slopes up to 45 degrees thanks to a cushion of air that is formed between the lawn and the mower that gives the user a new level of freedom in the garden.


The AirMow51B with the wheel kit retails at £429.99.


For more information, and to see a video of the AirMows in action, please visit



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