Adding Value to your Home with a Garden Room

“Will a garden room add value to my home?”

The short answer to this question is yes! 
Building Details | Design: Inspiration | Size: 4.5m x 3m

Garden rooms are a unique and cost-effective way to add extra space at home that can add value to both your home and lifestyle.

  “Yes, there is no doubt that a garden room can add significant value to your property.”
– Robert Ellis | Nutbrook Property

A garden room is a modern and unique alternative to traditional home extension methods. Whilst a garden room might not add as much value to your home as a traditional extension or loft conversion, they take considerably less time and investment to complete – making them great value for money.
  How Much Value can a Garden Room Add?
Leading property experts estimate that garden rooms can add 1.5x their value to a home depending on the quality of the build; covering the cost of the installation. 
Luke Jackson at Micheal Graham estate agents found that “Not only does a garden room attract more buyers to your property, but a high-quality garden room can also boost the value of your home by 5% to 15%

  “I would estimate that the value-added would be about 1.5x the cost of the building installation. The convenience value is also significant and must be considered for homeowners.”
– Robert Ellis | Nutbrook Property

Robert Ellis of Nutbrook Property also says: “Whilst a lot of the value is attributable to the extra space it creates, a garden room is modern and stylish and adds to the whole appeal of the property. There is no doubt that the quality of the building adds significant value too.” 
  Ways That a Garden Room Adds Value:
1. Increased Floor space: 
Traditional ways to add extra space at home, such as extensions and lost conversions, are huge projects that can be overwhelming and pricey. A garden room allows you to add extra space at home simply and cost-effectively. Removing a bedroom at home to create your home office, gym or studio is not the most appealing way to make space for potential buyers. A garden room allows you to add extra space at home without removing space from inside the house. 
Building Details | Design: Edge | Size: 5m x 5m
2. Wow Factor: 
Modern garden room buildings are a unique and stylish addition to your home and garden, making them an attractive feature to potential buyers. By catching attention with a stylish outdoor living space, you are likely to gather a higher volume of viewings which in-turn leads to a quicker sale. What’s more, when viewing numbers are high, the asking price is normally met as potential buyers wont want to miss out!
Garden games rooms and garden bars have been really popular recently, and it makes sense why when you see these amazing spaces!
Building Details | Design: Pinnacle | Size: 5.5m x 5m
3. Attracts Business Owners: 
Having a dedicated office space is fast becoming an essential feature for prospective buyers. A separate garden office space away from the main house helps with work/life balance as well as offering total privacy away from the rest of the household (priceless during video calls!).

  “Home offices are mentioned in the majority of our conversations with prospective buyers. Having a home office in the garden away from the house can now make or break a property deal. People may not be commuting to the office every day but they still like the structure of leaving the house to go to work. A garden room provides that physical and mental distance between home life and work life.”
– Luke Jackson | Branch Partner at the Michael Graham Buckingham Office.
4. Attract Fitness-Fans:
Having space at home for a gym is a great investment in your health and wellbeing. But what you might not realise, is having this space at home will help attract a huge market of fitness-conscious buyers. A separate space away from the main house to use as a garden gym is ideal for total privacy to meet your fitness goals. No mess, no noise, no interruptions. 

Building Details | Design: Edge | Size: 6m x 4m

“Now, more than ever, there is a need for these garden rooms and there is absolutely no questioning the fact that these are very desirable features of a home.”
– Robert Ellis​ | Nutbrook Property

Garden Appeal   A great garden or garden appeal has always been a key factor in a home’s value. Generally speaking, having a well-designed, tidy and attractive garden will add significant value to your home and draw in more viewings, making it quicker and easier to sell your home. 
Outdoor living has been a particular trend over the past few years, with homeowners looking to maximise on their outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining in the warmer months. Traditional garden improvements such as adding a gazebo or decking do make the space more useable, but generally only for the warmer summer months. Making the most of the garden all-year-round with a fully insulated garden room building is the best way to ensure great value for money. 

Choosing the Right Supplier:
  A poor quality building is more likely to put off potential buyers, so choosing the right supplier is key. Green Retreats is the UK’s leading garden room company, with a brand reputation and name that is often listed on Rightmove as a key feature or selling point. Green Retreats is rated 5 stars on Trustpilot, the independent review site, and is also endorsed by architecture guru Kevin McCloud. Every Green Retreats building comes with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee and is designed for a 30-year life.   Green Retreats garden rooms are not only built for quality, but they are designed to be an incredibly stylish feature in your garden. This unique and modern space creating solution is bound to be the envy of all your neighbours, and also attract many potential buyers in the future. 

Key Facts and Prices:

Green Retreats garden room prices start at £15,745 for a complete and installed solution. That means prices include VAT, professional installation, base/foundations, 2.3m French or sliding doors, opening window, oak laminate flooring, internal wiring, 3 double plug sockets, lighting, heating, premium-grade insulation, delivery within 100 miles of their factory… and much more! 

– Designed and built in the UK

– Fully professionally installed as standard

– 10-year guarantee

– Eco-friendly

– Insulated, weatherproofed and heated for year-round-use

– Planning permission rarely required (as easy to add as a garden shed!)

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