Adding THIS to your garden could add £27k to your house value

  • The importance of a good garden soars since Covid lockdowns
  • 5 ways to add value to your garden in 2022 revealed

Experts have revealed five ways to add value to your garden this year, including installing a water feature and adding a shed or summer house.

2021 data from Rightmove* showed searches for homes with gardens were up by 42% for buyers and 84% for renters, highlighting the increased importance of gardens for those looking to move. 

Further to this, property experts have said that adding a shed can add 10% to the value of a property. According to ONS data**, the average UK house price as of October 2021 was £268,000, meaning a new summer house or shed could bring the value of your home up by an average of £26,800.  

Research from Yorkshire-based shed manufacturer, Power Sheds, carried out alongside Your Move Estate and Letting Agents, has revealed five ways to increase the value of your home through the garden. 

  1. Present your garden at its best

Creating a beautiful looking garden can be a daunting task, but it’s important it looks the part. You’ll need to assess the space and decide whether you can do it yourself or need to bring in a professional. Sometimes just clearing away any rubbish or debris and tidying up the ground can have a big impact on the way it looks and its value.  

Martin McCreath, Regional Managing Director for Your Move, said: “Gardens can be high on a buyers list of priorities, and even more so following recent lockdowns, with their presentation, size and position often considered very important when making the final decision to buy.” 

  1. Add mature plants

When you’re looking to buy a house, a nice, well-decorated finish is often a big plus that can help to sell the property. The same applies to your garden. Add some mature plants that help make the garden look ‘finished’. This will also add some colour to the space and make it a more attractive proposition rather than a blank canvas. 

You can buy almost any plant as a mature plant, from evergreen shrubs such as azalea and heather, through to larger statement trees and things like bamboo. 

  1. Make the space private

For many people, a garden overlooked by neighbouring houses can be a red flag. Ensuring you install a good quality fence can help make the garden feel like a much more private space and turn it into somewhere a potential buyer can imagine relaxing without feeling exposed.

“A large, nicely landscaped and private garden will no doubt attract more interest in a property than one without,” added McCreath. 

  1. Add a large shed or summer house

If lockdowns during the last two years have taught people anything, it’s the value of utilising the space on the property. A shed can be a huge ‘box ticker’ for potential buyers, what’s more, it’s an incredibly useful and convenient space for you to use in the meantime. 

“A nicely positioned summer house, a large, good quality shed (perhaps that can act as a workshop, mini gym or even a garden pub) can significantly impact prices and, dependant on local market conditions, lead the selling price to be up to 10% higher.” 

  1. Install a water feature

A water feature can be a perfect way to add a relaxing ambience to your garden and give it a potential ‘wow’ factor for those looking to buy. From elaborate fountains to a simple pond, the addition of water to a garden can be a big selling point and a simple way to add value to your garden space. 

Jack Sutcliffe, Co-founder of Power Sheds, also commented: 

“It’s no secret that Covid-19 and the associated lockdowns have changed the way we live our lives, and we’ve seen an unprecedented increase in demand for sheds, log cabins and summerhouses. These spaces have allowed people to either find more space in their own homes or even create working or entertainment areas, meaning now more than ever, house buyers are looking for properties that offer these useful additions. 

“With stamp duty returning at the end of September 2021, followed by a dip in year-on-year house sales of 16.4% in November 2021, the garden could hold the key to selling your home.” 

For even more ways to add value to your garden, please visit: 

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