Act now to prevent vine weevils from destroying your plants


Vine weevils attack a wide range of plants, both indoors and outdoors, but they are especially damaging to container-grown plants. One of the most widespread, and devastating garden pests, over autumn and winter the larvae of the weevil will stay beneath the soil, feeding on plants’ roots, cutting off their life supply and eventually killing them.

Fuschia, primula, begonia, geranium and most evergreens, which have fleshy roots, are particularly favoured, as are strawberry and raspberry plants. A tell-tale sign of a vine weevil infestation is a plant that is wilting, despite the soil being moist, that eventually topples over.

While this is bad enough, more danger lies in wait. If the larvae survive (which is likely after a good feed on your plant roots) they will turn into adult beetles, all of which are female, and all of which can lay thousands of eggs in their lifetime. These adults will then go on to eat leaves in summer and autumn, leaving distinctive crescent shaped notches.

That is why the key is to control the destructive larvae before they get to this point.

Despite the apparently elusive nature of the larvae, control is actually simple when using Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer, which kills the vine weevil larvae before they have chance to attack the plants.

Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer contains microscopic organisms (nematodes) which are naturally occurring in the soil, and that seek out and kill vine weevil larvae. Nematodes attack the pest by entering its body and releasing a bacterium which quickly and effectively kills it. The nematodes then reproduce inside the dying pest and release a new generation of hungry nematodes, which disperse and search for further prey, protecting the area for up to six weeks.

The product can used with confidence, as nematodes are only interested in their particular prey, in this case, vine weevil.

Application is simple:

–  Apply at the first signs of infestation, when the soil is still above five degrees centigrade

–  Mix Nemasys with water (following the pack instructions) and apply immediately using a watering can or hose

– Straight after application, water well so that the nematodes are washed into the soil

– Keep the area well-watered for at least two weeks after application

An entire season’s worth of pest control can be purchased now via online stockists, to be delivered fresh, straight to your door. This means that all of your planning can be done now, and you can concentrate on planting and growing, safe in the knowledge that your pest control is taken care of.

To find out more about how nematodes work, take a look at this short video –

For further information please visit and follow basf_nemasys_uk on Instagram.

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