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The first gales of autumn and winter will see an immediate demand for replacement fences that have been destroyed by the high winds. Fences have been subjected to torrential rain, hot sun, drought and high winds throughout the summer and they all take their toll on stability and their ability to withstand the real gales when they blow in off the Atlantic.

These changing meteorological impacts expand and contract wooden fencing panels and posts and the wind buffets them constantly.   The UK’s leading producer of wooden fencing panels, Forest Garden, advises homeowners to spend an hour inspecting their garden fences and taking any necessary remedial action.

“Windy weather in the coming months is inevitable and taking action now to ensure that fence panels and posts are all secure will help reduce the risk of them being further damaged or even destroyed.   After a storm we can see demand for replacement fence panels rise by as much as 70% and to cope with this dramatic increase in demand, we build up stocks over the course of the year,” says Guy Jackson, Product Manager at Forest Garden.

Check the posts, as this is one of the most common causes for a fence not staying upright. Concrete posts that have become loose in the ground should be dug out and reset in fresh concrete. Timber posts that have rotted should either be replaced or can be repaired with steel repair spikes or concrete repair spurs. Replacement fence panel battens and caps are available to replace and reinforce any panels that are damaged, but if damage is extensive the whole panel should be replaced.

If any of the panels look as though they are not secure, make sure that you reinforce them before the high winds hit, as fences tend to act like sails in wind and can get carried away. Forest Garden offers a large range of fence posts and supports to replace any that are not up to scratch.

Forest Garden has a wide range of designs with a choice of style, construction, treatment, height, posts and accessories.  The collection brings together the latest designs combined with innovations, from traditional to noise-reducing panels, to decorative screens and low-level fencing.

“It is important to ensure that the fence posts are secure and don’t wobble about.  Then the fence panels themselves need to be securely fixed to the posts.   Forest fencing carries either a 10 or 15-year anti-rot guarantee,” adds Guy.

Forest Garden products can be viewed online at its new website and are available to purchase from many online retailers or nationwide from high street DIY stores, garden centres and builders’ merchants.  See the Forest Garden website for stockist details, product information and a wide range of helpful tips, videos and guides.  Follow Forest Garden on its social media channels by searching for @Forest Garden.

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