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Act now for fewer slugs next spring

Early autumn is the perfect time to start protecting your plants and furniture from the winter weather, and to plan your garden for next year. Now’s the time to select and plant spring bulbs, cut back hedges and foliage to make maintenance in spring easier and to clean up patios and decking. Another important job to tick off the list is slug control. Nemaslug can still be applied in the autumn, so long as the soil temperature is above 5ºC (41ºF), and an autumn application comes with multiple benefits.

There are still slugs around at this time of year, hoping to nibble on your plants, so an application now will help to put a stop to that, with the product staying active in the soil for up to six weeks. Another benefit of autumn application is that it will reduce the number of slugs laying eggs and consequently reduce the new population emerging in the spring. Unlike some other slug control methods, Nemaslug actually works even better in wet weather too as it isn’t diluted or washed away, and is applied directly into the soil, which is where slugs typically dwell, making it great for application at this time of year.

Nematodes occur naturally in the soil and seek out and kill specific target pests. They attack the pest by entering its body and releasing a bacterium which quickly and effectively kills it. The nematodes then reproduce inside the dying pest and release a new generation of hungry nematodes, which disperse and search for further prey, continuing to protect the area.

By tapping into the benefits of this naturally occurring friend of the gardener, soil can remain healthy, while ensuring slugs are conquered and plants protected.

This small but powerful box of fresh nematodes can be delivered directly to a gardeners’ doors throughout the growing season to ensure that slugs can be controlled effectively by harnessing the power of nature.

To find out more about how nematodes work, take a look at this short video –

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