A Reliable, Biological Garden Pest Control that is Always Effective

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Choosing the best garden pest control product can seem like a daunting task; lists of unrecogniseable ingredients and various warning labels mean you cannot be entirely sure what you are using in your garden or if it will even prove effective. BASF’s specialist production facility in the UK produces a biological garden pest control that contains only one ingredient; beneficial nematodes that do not lose their effectiveness.

BASF grow six different garden pest control products, each containing a different species of nematode. They are simply mixed with water and either applied by watering can fitted with a coarse rose or applied to the foliage and soil with a sprayer. Application method depends on the variety. Pests cannot form any resistance to the nematodes, meaning the treatment never loses it’s power, so you can get back to gardening and growing rest assured that the product is doing it’s job!

Pellets and chemical-based alternatives can be harmful to pets, children or garden wildlife. The entire treatment programme is completely biological meaning that all the Nemasys products can be applied by organic gardening enthusiasts.

Nemasys garden pest control products are a simple, trustworthy method to make sure your plants are protected during the growing season. A single application can last as long as six weeks and a complete season’s requirement of nematodes can be ordered in one go from BASF’s online suppliers. This is then delivered to your home as required every few weeks. Fewer trips back to the garden centre and more time to spend enjoying the garden!


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