A Fool Proof Guide to Planting Trees

Autumn is a fantastic time to plant trees. The cooler temperatures and higher rainfall allow trees to develop a strong root system ahead of the warmer months, offering them the best possible start in their new home.

Here, Craig Sams, Executive Chairman of Carbon Gold and former Chair of the Soil Association, offers his advice on planting trees in your outdoor space.

What you will need:

Planting a tree just requires a few simple tools which you will undoubtedly already have in your garden shed. You will need a watering can, bucket, spade, fork, stake and ties, and some mulch. Newly planted trees are very vulnerable and often don’t take, or die very soon after planting, but adding some biochar, such as Carbon Gold’s range of tree products, to the soil around your tree will give it an extra boost, helping it to establish and remain strong, resilient, and healthy as it grows.


  1. Place your tree in water

Start by removing the tree from its pot and stand it in a bucket of water. This way, the roots will be nice and damp when planted.

  1. Dig a hole

Now, dig a hole that’s the same depth as the pot your tree came in, and around three times as wide. Be sure to consider the eventual height and width of the tree you are planting and position the hole in a suitable location.

  1. Loosen the rootball

Remove the tree from its water and use your hands to loosen the rootball, unwinding any sections that have become tangled. If you have some, it is also worth rubbing some Tree Soil Improver into the hole and the roots at this stage to encourage them to grow into the soil.

  1. Put the tree in place

Place the tree into the hole, ensuring that the top of the rootball is level with the soil. This part is essential to the success of your tree, so I’d recommend using a cane to check the level before continuing.

  1. Refill the hole

Now it’s time to refill the hole using the soil you dug originally. Air pockets around the roots can cause them to rot and die, so use your hands or foot to compact the soil in the hole, being sure not to leave any gaps.

  1. Add moisture

Water well, then, add a layer of mulch around the outskirts of the tree. This will help the soil to retain moisture for longer, giving your tree the best possible start and protecting it against dry spells.

  1. Add a stake

Adding a stake will offer your tree extra stability whilst it’s growing. This is especially important if your tree is likely to be exposed to the elements. To position the stake, place it firmly into the ground at a 45-degree angle, then attach to the trunk using an adjustable tree tie.

For more tips on planting and caring for new trees, visit https://www.carbongold.com/guide-how-to-plant-tree/

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