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Happy Plants now include digital plant care instructions on SmartPlant

The newly formed partnership between Happy Plants and SmartPlant combines the exceptional quality of product with outstanding customer support. SmartPlant makes sure plant care instructions are always in a customer's pocket. Porters Fuchsia's ...

The SmartPlant Button – transforming the customer experience

Smartplant have announced that Thompson & Morgan, the largest horticultural mail order company in the United Kingdom, has made its plant sales 'smarter' by partnering with smartplant technology. Online plant purchasers who use the ...

Floramedia and SmartPlant partner to bring “Smart” labels to the industry

Floramedia have been a showcase for creative customer engagement for over 90 years and are now pleased to include SmartPlant as part of their offering. SmartPlant offers the end consumer the ability to add plants to the app, receive plant ...

Cultivating Retail: How SmartPlant Gives Your Business The Edge with Millennials

75% of SmartPlant users are between 25-45 and digital interfaces are the ideal way to communicate with this emerging, plant mad, demographic. Here are 3 ways SmartPlant can help you communicate with a younger customer: 1. ...

Camden Garden Centre and Key Essentials are the latest SMARTPLANT Partners

Camden Garden Centre and Key Essentials are the latest SMARTPLANT Partners. The new partnership with the UK's leading air plant supplier, Key Essentials, shows that SmartPlant can elevate plants by giving consumers the confidence to buy with the ...


Retail is changing, in both horticulture and on the high street. Embracing emerging technologies, capitalising on loyal customers and expanding your digital presence are a few ways of ensuring you ride the wave and future proof your business. ...

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