8 Steps To Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Garden Pot for Your Christmas Tree


The Director of Polhill Garden Centre, Josh Novell, has weighed in and shared expert comments on how to select the correct pot for your Christmas tree.

Josh says: When choosing an outdoor garden pot for your Christmas tree, it’s important to consider the size of the tree and the number of ornaments and lights you are planning to add. Pots that are too small can cause root rot and other diseases, while pots that are too large can cause waterlogging and drainage problems.”

  1. Consider size
    The size of your ceramic pot should be proportionate to the size of your Christmas tree. Normally, it is better to select a pot that is two inches or more than your Christmas tree trunk and it should provide enough depth for the roots and support for the tree.
    For larger trees, it would be better to select an extra-large pot. This can also provide extra room for decorations around Christmas time.
  2. Soil
    It is best to select a well-draining potting soil blend with added nutrients such as compost or peat moss. This soil variety not only retains moisture effectively but also offers vital nutrients for the health of your tree’s roots.
  3. Pick the right type of outdoor pot
    Make sure you choose a pot that is durable enough to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Terracotta or glazed ceramic pots are usually the best option and come in a variety of colours and finishes.
    Ceramic garden pots are a great choice for outdoor Christmas trees due to their durability and classic style. Ceramic is a strong material that won’t crack with exposure to the elements, making it ideal for holding a heavy tree and its many decorations.
  4. Pick a colour that complements Christmas or your garden décor
    When picking out a pot for your Christmas tree, consider options that enhance the festive touch in your garden, like lively holiday shades such as reds, greens, and whites. Alternatively, you can opt for gentler, earthy tones that reflect your garden’s current colour scheme.
  5. Choose a pot finish
    The finish of your ceramic pot can make all the difference in how it looks outdoors. If you want a glossy look, opt for a painted ceramic pot. For a more rustic look, select an unfinished or natural ceramic pot.
  6. Consider drainage
    When selecting the pot for your outdoor Christmas tree, make sure it has adequate drainage. If possible, pick a pot with multiple drainage holes to ensure proper water flow and prevent root rot. Alternatively, you can add extra drainage holes yourself using a drill or power drill. This is especially important if you are planning to leave your tree outside during the winter months.
  7. You could opt to select a saucer
    Providing your Christmas tree with a saucer will catch any excess water and help protect your tree from root rot and other issues caused by over-watering. This can be beneficial if you are planning on keeping the tree for the rest of the year. It also offers additional stability for the tree, helping to keep it upright during windy days.
  8. Be creative!
    Don’t be afraid to get creative with your outdoor Christmas trees! You can use multiple ceramic pots of different sizes, colours, and shapes to create a unique look. By being creative with your ceramic pots, you can make your outdoor space stand out this holiday season.
    You can also add decorative elements such as outdoor Christmas lights and baubles or natural decorations such as pine cones or conkers (ensuring that your baubles are not easily breakable to withstand the harsh weather!) to make your garden festive and inviting!

Can you use the Christmas tree for next year?
Yes, you can use the same Christmas tree next year. To ensure that your tree remains healthy, it is important to take care of it properly over the winter months. Make sure you check the soil regularly and water it as needed.
During extremely cold temperatures, wrap the pot with burlap or blankets to provide extra insulation. Additionally, when spring comes around, be sure to fertilise your tree with a balanced fertiliser to keep it healthy and looking its best.

What pests do Christmas trees suffer from?
Christmas trees are coniferous plants that can be infested by various pests. When you’re selecting your Christmas tree, it is best to give it a gentle shake to see if any pests drop or appear. You can also spray it with water to clean off any eggs or pests.

Adelgids - These do not harm your tree; however, they secrete white cotton wax on the needles of the tree.
Bark beetles - These beetles burrow into the wood of Christmas trees, which leaves the tree open to fungi and bacteria that can harm your tree.
Aphids - The sap of a Christmas tree is the food source for these insects, which can make the pine needles lose their colour and quality. They also produce honeydew, a sticky substance that attracts other pests and allows fungi to grow on the tree.

Josh says: At Polhill Garden Centre, we have a wide selection of garden pots and outdoor Christmas lights that will help you create the perfect festive outdoor space. Terracotta and ceramic garden pots are a great choice for outdoor Christmas trees due to their durability and classic style. When caring for your potted Christmas tree, it is important to provide it with adequate water and sunlight. Make sure to water your tree regularly and check that the soil is moist but not soggy. Lastly, prune your potted Christmas tree regularly to keep it looking healthy and vibrant!

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