5 Ways to Turn Your Garden Into a Cosy Autumn Escape

The end of summer doesn’t have to be the end of enjoying your garden. The introduction of autumn might mean shorter days and chiller evenings, but an insulated garden room from Green Retreats allows you to enjoy the extra space available in your garden, even throughout the colder months.

  ‘Edge’ building design by Green Retreats | 5m x 3m – From £23,245
More people are realising that outdoor spaces don’t have to be abandoned at the first chill in the air, especially as spending more time inside keeping warm can mean that our homes can start to feel quite cramped very quickly.

Tammy Daubney, Sales and Design Manager at Green Retreats commented; “The demand for garden rooms isn’t slowing as households across the country continue unlocking the underused space potential of their gardens well beyond the warmer months.

“Our garden buildings are fully-insulated and take 2-5 days to install compared to a traditional extension, providing customers extra space easily and quickly that can be used all year round.”
  5 Top Autumn Garden Room Ideas 1. Snuggle Up in a Cinema Room

Autumn calls for all things cosy, so what better way to spend the long, dark evenings than curling up in your very own home cinema? Grab a projector, a screen, some popcorn and away you go!

  ‘TGO4’ building design by Green Retreats | 4.5m x 3.5m – From £24,495   2. Escape to a Reading Retreat

There’s nothing like escaping reality on a rainy day by snuggling up with a great novel you can get lost in. When the hustle and bustle of the house gets too much, slow things down in your own garden cabin where you can focus on your wellbeing.

‘Edge’ building design by Green Retreats | 4m x 3m – From £21,245
  3. Create a Cool Kids Den
  When the weather calls off playdates keeping the kids entertained can be tricky. A garden room is an excellent alternative to a playroom or teen den.

Not only will it help restore peace and quiet inside the house, but the kids can also reap the benefits of having the freedom to get creative, play and be noisy without getting a telling off! They’ll also love having a space they can call their own and invite friends over.

‘Expression’ building design by Green Retreats | 7m x 4m – From £30,245
4. Staycation at Home

It’s no secret that the staycation is booming! With cool glamping spots booking up well in advance take advantage of having your very own ‘cabin-in-the-woods’ and have a mini holiday at home! All Green Retreats are fully insulated for year-round use, so they’ll be no sneaking back into the house when dusk falls.

‘TGO3’ building design by Green Retreats | 3m x 5m – From £23,245
  5. Private Gin Bar

Forget the pub garden, it’s all about having a bar IN your garden that can stay open whatever the weather. Ambient warm lighting, some decadent furniture and of course your favourite tipple will make your garden bar the place to be when Friday rolls around.

‘Edge’ building design by Green Retreats | 5m x 5m – From £28,745


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