10 Proven Natural Remedies For Bugs In Your Garden

Do you wonder how your forefathers and their granddads fought crop pests? Before the creation of harmful and dangerous chemical pesticides, householders and farmers relied on various homemade remedies to get rid of insect infestation from their garden or farm.


Why Should You Use Natural And Homemade Remedies?


The best thing about using homemade remedies is that it is inexpensive. Moreover, you know what is going into your garden. There are many homemade sprays that you can make and use. They are quite effective in controlling dangerous insects.


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These natural remedies contain noxious but non-toxic substances like cayenne, garlic, horsetail, and stinging nettles diluted in water. These are blended with other ingredients and sprayed over the plants.


Natural Remedies To Use


1) Neem


Ancient Indians regard neem oil as one of the best, all-natural and powerful plants to repel pests. Do you know that neem juice is one of the most powerful and natural pesticides on the planet? It has more than 50 natural insecticides.


You can get the leaves of this bitter tree in a spray form. Also, you can purchase it from various reputable firms. Some people even make their neem oil spray, and it is quite easy to do so. For creating a neem oil pesticide, you need to add 1/2 tablespoon of an organic liquid soap (mild) and 1/2 ounce of best-quality neem oil into two quarts of hot water. Slowly stir it and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Make sure to use it immediately.


2) Cedar


If moths constantly pester your plants, then you can use natural cedar. As moths have natural aversions to cedar, you can buy cedar shavings or blocks. Make sure to place them in dresser or closet so that you can avoid pesky pests from gnawing through your dresses and other fabrics.


3) Salt Spray

A salt spray is an excellent pesticide for plants infested with spider mites. For creating a salt spray solution, you need to mix two spoons of Himalayan table salt to a gallon of hot water. Pour this warm solution in a spray bottle and use it on infected regions of the plant.


4) Citrus Peels

Do you know that the peels of citrus fruit are the best repellent for spiders? Also, they smell lovely too. You can take the skins of any citrus fruit and rub it on the areas where the spiders found at your house like the bookshelves and windowsills. Furthermore, there is an added perk in using citrus peel as they are one of the best and natural furniture polishes for wood.


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5) Mineral Oil

If you are on the lookout of an organic pesticide to dehydrate insects and destroy their eggs, then use mineral oil. To create a mineral oil pesticide, you need to mix 10-30 ml of high-quality mineral oil in one liter of water. Stir it well and add it to a spray bottle.


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6) Eucalyptus Oil


One of the best and natural pesticides for bees, flies and wasps are eucalyptus oil. Just sprinkle some of it on areas where you commonly find insects.


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7) Garlic


Do you want to know one of the tasty and easiest ways to get rid of mosquitoes? It is simple. Have a lot of garlic! When you consume garlic, the body produces a sort of smell. This wards off the mosquitoes as soon as they sense it. If you don’t want to battle garlic breath, then you can sprinkle some garlic powder around your house.


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8) Chrysanthemum Flower Tea


The chrysanthemum flower tea has a powerful plant chemical known as pyrethrum. When this substance goes into the nervous system of insects, it makes them immobile. Plus, it is easy to create chrysanthemum flower spray. All you have to do is boil 100 grams of the flower (dried) in a liter of water.


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Continue to boil the dry chrysanthemum flower in water for about 15-20 minutes. Then strain the given mixture and allow it to cool. Once it cools down, put it in a spray bottle. To enhance the effectiveness, you can add organic neem oil.


9) White Vinegar

If you are often plagued with ant issues, then white vinegar is one of the perfect solutions. Put some white vinegar in a spray bottle. Then you have to spray it lightly in the areas where ants hang out. Try to make sure to test the solution before using it around the house. This is especially when you are using it on colored fabrics and carpet.


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10) Cucumber Slices


It can be hard to believe, but cucumber slices are one of the best repellants to keep off ants. Take a slice of cucumber and leave it lying around. Ants will try to move away from it as much as possible as they hate it.


Wrapping Up


It is common to reach for a can of insect eliminator when you see creepies crawling. But before you do that, you know that there is an alternative. You can go for safe and non-toxic pest termination method to take care of the problem.


If that fails and even the chemical elimination techniques don’t bring the desired results, then you can hire a pro. However, make sure that the extermination service firm is reputed and experienced in handling the pest menace.


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