New Plant: Zantedeschia Dubai Nights

Zantedeschia Dubai Nights

Revealed at Chelsea 2017: Zantedeschia Dubai Nights
Sande have a long running breeding programme and this is a selected variety from it. Flowers are a rich velvet purple with an outer margin of cream, a truly unique and exotic look. The flowers are held well on very speckled foliage which adds a nice extra interest to the plant. The plant is nice and compact. A fantastic patio plant, it should be grown in a free-draining, good quality compost, in a sunny, sheltered location. Should be allowed to nearly dry out between watering. Not a hardy plant, feeding is beneficial every two weeks during the growing season, and needs protection from frost.

Brighter Blooms
Contact: Matthew Smith
Address: Walton Flats Nursery, Gillibrand Street, Walton-le-Dale, Preston, Lancashire, PR5 4AX


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