Weather delays mowing season start

A questionnaire by lawnmower maker Cub Cadet has revealed that the 2018 mowing season started over 3 weeks after the start date in 2017.

The survey dicovered that the most popular day for the first cut of the grass in 2017 was the 26th March, whereas in 2018 it was the 19th April – an incredible 24 days later!

England in 2018 had the wettest March since 1981 with an average rainfall of 102.2mm, and the UK average was the wettest March in a decade with 104.44mm. a mini-heatwave in mid-April came next which saw some of the hottest temperatures for April since 1949 – a climate coincidence which then caused lawns to have a produce a lot of growth and trigger the firing up of lawnmowers across the UK.

The mowing season survey campaign was started last year as part of Cub Cadet’s ongoing project into observing the effect of changing weather conditions on lawns, and this is the first set of year-on-year data that can be compared from the project. The study is an annual project that will look in to the long-term effect of the weather on UK grass, as well as looking at the short-term impact it can have in putting off the start of the mowing season.

Discussing the results, Phil Noble, Sales and Technical Manager for Cub Cadet UK, said: “Sales  discussions within the industry suggested that the season had started later this year so it’s interesting to see this reiterated by our survey data. There have been many contributing factors and it’s not entirely surprising that people started mowing later when you consider the extreme and varied weather we had earlier in the year with the Beast from the East followed by an unusually warm April combined with lots of rainfall.”

“The weather was really varied – if we didn’t know what the weather was doing, it’s not surprising that the grass didn’t! We now wait for the data from the close of the survey later in the year to see if the whole season has shifted.”

The earliest first mow was as early as the 3rd January, with the latest being reported on 13th May.

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