Ways to minimise plant disease

ways to minimise plant disease

The withdrawal of some popular turf fungicides has made it essential that greenkeepers look for ways to minimise plant disease by using a variety of other strategies. Producing a grass plant that is strong and healthy is more likely to make it difficult for disease to take hold and Headland Amenity will be focussing on this approach on stand B39 at BTME. Headland’s Technical Support Team will be on hand to discuss disease management that has been trialled, researched and proven to benefit Turf Managers.
It is not new ground for Headland. For over ten years the company has carried out product trials at the STRI in Bingley, to evaluate and design a proven approach to limit disease using non-pesticidal products that enhance plant health.
The research supported the introduction of Headland’s ‘20-20-30’ tank-mix of plant protectants and elicitors – namely Seamac ProTurf, Liquid Turf Hardener and Turfite – a unique combination of nutrients working together to strengthen the plant against disease. For each year of the trials, this combination was able to show lower disease levels compared to untreated areas.
Further trials and research have shown additional benefits with TeMag Elite, a soluble micronutrient product with added iron and Harpin plant elicitor to stimulate the plants natural defence mechanisms, aiding growth through periods of stress, disease and/or nematode damage. BTME will see further product introductions to help the plants own mechanisms to minimise its susceptibility to disease.


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