Namgrass launches new product Serenity. It is luxurious, realistic and standing at 37mm pile height, the tallest in the range. Not only does it look stunning, but it is densely packed to withstand the traffic of a busy family garden.


Namgrass customer research carried out in August 2017, found that the most sought-after factors to purchasing artificial grass were that it was realistic just like a natural lawn and looked great. Our products meet that brief as standard, but we wanted to create a product that is ultra-soft and durable. In its first month of release, Serenity accounted for over 40% of samples requested from Namgrass.


Serenity is one of the most vibrant looking products in the range so if you are after a plush and bright look then this product is the perfect choice.

Neil Rogers, Managing Director said “Our products are designed and produced with our customers in mind. That is why we believe Serenity is the perfect choice to create a beautifully manicured lawn, capable of withstanding fun family activities throughout the year with no mud, no mowing and minimal maintenance”.


New Namgrass product Serenity is set to be a popular choice this season.


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