National Tree Week runs from 25th November to 3rd December, and aims to see over one million trees planted over the week through various events across the country.

In support of the week, the UK’s only beneficial nematode grower, BASF, shares some insight on how to protect your own fruit trees from pests.

Nemasys Fruit and Vegetable Protection provides defence from a number of common pests, including caterpillars and Codling Moths, both of which can cause severe damage to fruit trees, particularly apple trees.

When applied to the tree trunk, branches and surrounding ground, the nematodes are able to hunt out their prey, and attack it before it gets to your fruit.

Nematodes are used by a wide variety of professionals, and are currently being used to protect Welsh forests from pine weevils. BASF, producers of Nemasys and Nemaslug products, have made nematodes readily available and easy-to-use; perfect for the domestic gardener who demands an effortless product that is effective and non-toxic. To make life even easier for gardeners, an entire season’s worth of pest control can be purchased online and delivered straight to their door as and when needed.

“Trees are a hugely important part of our ecosystem, and it is important to protect them from pests. Nemasys Fruit and Vegetable Protection contains fresh nematodes, which are highly effective and environmentally sensitive, causing no adverse effects to children, pets or wildlife,” says Gavin Wood, BASF’s European Key Account and Sales Manager. “They occur naturally in our gardens and by harnessing and replicating nature we grow five different species to control a range of different target pests.”


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All Nemasys products are available exclusively online.


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