When is a shed not a shed? When it’s a craft studio for making felt animals!

craft studio

Or at least that’s the case for one lady in Scotland who has been announced as the winner of My Posh Shed Story, a competition run by The Posh Shed Company to find the most unique use for one of its sheds. Alison Rumbles in Haddington chose a 7x5ft Potting Shed which was installed in January this year, after seeing a Posh Shed in a magazine. She now uses the shed as a craft studio for making bespoke felt dogs!

Richard Frost, managing director of The Posh Shed Company, commented: “We’re increasingly noticing the trend of our customers wanting to use their sheds for more than just storage. We have customers wanting to use their garden as an extension of the home to create a new room or office. The She-Shed trend has definitely been a catalyst for converting sheds from a means of storage to a living space, with customers wanting a stylish yet practical solution. Alison’s art studio in her shed is a great example of this so we’re delighted to make her our winner.”

Alison commented: “My Posh Shed has transformed my life, I wake up every day and am desperate to get into my shed and while away hours – making or painting or listening to a book. It has made me smile from the day it arrived – the joy of having this extra room I call my own. I have electricity and all mod cons, an electric stove, lights, wi-fi, carpets and insulation too. When my friends come round we sit and have a cup of tea in the shed – even though the house is just ten steps away! I’m delighted to have won My Posh Shed Story – it could have been a different story if it was just an ordinary shed.”

For more information on The Posh Shed Company please visit www.theposhshedcompany.co.uk



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