A message of thanks to the makers of self watering planters. A sharp shower after the long dry period of late April suddenly reminded me that I had promised to water my wife’s new herbs that were to replenish our tired older plants. After the wave of panic had subsided, I braved the patio area where the herbs planters resided and braced myself for the worst. I needn’t have worried. She had planted the new arrivals in a free sample planter that we had been sent by Oasesbox gardening.

Self watering planters
Our herbs after a month

The herbs looked really lush and were out performing their equivalents in standard tubs. So what was their secret? Well, these unique planters have their own water supply contained within the planter. The soil is contained in a cone shaped inner that draws the exact amount of water from the reservoir that is needed for the plant. The reservoir can hold up to 15lts of water, enough for quite a few weeks before refilling.

The advantages of allowing the plant to draw up it’s water as opposed to conventional watering is sure to keep water conservationists happy and certainly is a lot less messy than overhead watering. Also it helps to prevent the flushing through of nutrients from over watering in short bursts.

The real beauty of this product though, is that the planters can be linked together. This is particularly useful in the greenhouse.Self watering planters

They can even be used with a grow bag, when three planters are linked together, for extra growth capacity. It’s a great system that can grow with your ambitions by just adding more planters.

The benefits for the plants are many. For young, delicate plants, overhead watering can be traumatic and over half of the water is lost to run off and evaporation. Once these plants start setting out fruit or start to flower, they stop defending their leaves from pathogens. Water on the leaves is an invitation to fungal diseases, and the dreaded mildew is a common problem for growers of tomatoes and berries. The Oasesbox can help to prevent this.

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