A nod to historical architectural and nautical forms, Solus Decor’s Scupper water bowls combine clean edged, mechanically formed metal with smooth, hand cast concrete.

These formal elements are brought to life by the liquid movement and pleasing sound of falling water. Entering from a central opening in the bottom of the concrete bowl, water fills the vessel creating a deep pool that spills out through the reflective channel of the scupper. The polished metal and pooled, cascading water combine to create interesting reflections as light plays over their surfaces.

Hand-cast concrete bowls provide a solid sculptural counterpoint. Available in three sizes these water bowls can be used in a variety of situations including installations with in-ground catch basins and existing ponds. Appropriate for use indoors or out, and for both residential and commercial installations.

Scupper water bowls
Scupper water bowls
Scupper water bowls

Solus will be exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show 23rd – 27th May 2017, Stand F64. Proud sponsors ofWaterAid, they will be giving away their popular off-catalogue candle holders, in exchange for donations to the charity.


  • Choose from 10 Solus integral, hand cast colours
  • 3 sizes: 26”, 36”, 48” diameters.
  • Brake pressed scuppers in brushed stainless steel, brass or copper.
  • Scuppers are treated and sealed to maintain their bright finish. Brass and copper parts can be left unsealed by special request.
  • Custom designed all-weather covers protect your water features from the elements year round, extending their life, maintaining their smooth finish and extending their warranties


  • Self-contained: These water features allow you to incorporate the experience of water into a setting which does not have an existing water source. This type of configuration holds and circulates all of its own water and requires only a standard electrical connection for the internal pump. Once you place your water bowl, assemble it and add the required amount of water you simply plug it in and enjoy it.
  • Integrated models: Our water features can be configured to connect into an external water source to become part of a larger system. Integrated water features rely on an external pump or drainage system and can be used in a variety of ways. Call us to discuss your project.


  • Concrete Bowl with Scupper and stainless steel or brass water fitting
  • Pump with connection fittings*
    *Please specify at time of purchase if you require a pump or if you will be providing your own pump.
  • Large river stones (5) for moderating surface bubbling.
  • Draining hose
  • User guide

Water Bowl Scupper 26”: £2750.00


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