The changing of leaves from green to a dazzling array of colours is a spectacular sight, and, as they begin to fall, they are a beautiful beacon of the changing seasons. As these leaves gather on your lawn, however, this beauty can begin to fade, as they look messy and begin rot, which can cause further problems in your garden. If left, fallen leaves prevent sunlight from reaching your lawn, which can actually cause it to suffocate and die! They can also clog up drains, and spread mould and fungus.

It may be at this point that you would reach for your rake, but if you can’t quite face this time consuming and laborious task this year, try out the battery powered WOLF-Garten 72v Li-ION Power Leaf Blower, which will power through this backbreaking chore.
The easy, fatigue free operation means that leaves can be blown without the operator having to bend or stoop. If needed, there is even a turbo boost button, for those really stubborn leaves, as well as an integrated leaf scraper – there is no escape from this powerful tool!
Powered by a 72V lithium-ion battery, the axial fan delivers maximum efficiency and effectiveness, with the option of using the short blower pipe for a wide airflow, or the longer blower pipe to generate the maximum air speed of 240 Km/h.
This innovative tool is a smarter, safer, more efficient option than a petrol powered blower, and forms part of the WOLF-Garten 72 Volt Li-Ion power battery garden tool range with an interchangeable battery system that delivers powerful garden tools without engine fumes, tangled cables, or short run times.
Let the WOLF-Garten 72v Li-ION Power Leaf Blower take away the stress, strain and dread from your autumn tidy.
WOLF-Garten 72v Li-ION Power Leaf Blower (LIONPOWER24B)-
RRP £119.99 (excludes battery and charger)

Further information about this range and details of your nearest WOLF-Garten stockist can be found at or by calling 01869363674. You can also find WOLF-Garten on Twitter at @WGGardentools and on Facebook by searching for WOLF-Garten Garden Tools.



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