Love bats? Check out the new Posh Bat Box. Bats play an essential part in any Halloween celebrations, perhaps hanging up in your house as a decoration or piped onto a spooky biscuit.

However, bats don’t just play an important role at Halloween, as they are also necessary for the biodiversity of the planet as both pollinators and pest controllers. According to The Bat Conservation Trust (B.C.T.), there has been a rapid decline in bat populations.

One of the main reasons for this decline is from a loss of habitat due to human intervention, mainly through the demolition of buildings where they roost. Removing hedgerows has also had a negative impact on bats, as it has led to a reduction on the abundance of insects which they rely on as their food source.

The Posh Shed Company believes that, to keep seeing real bats, and not just plastic ones at Halloween, homeowners need to help them survive and thrive by creating new habitats. The Posh Shed Company has provided the answer to this with its Posh Bat Box, which gives bats the perfect spot to roost.

Measuring 2ft 7in high, by 2ft 1in wide and built to B.C.T. specifications, the Posh Bat Box is painted in a Sadolin Ebony and will look charming on the eves of a house or even on a garden tree trunk.

The draught free, thermally stable design should be put as high as possible in sheltered sunny places, ideally 4m above the ground.

Once installed, simply sit back, and enjoy the swoops and swirls of these intriguing, and often misunderstood, creatures.

For more information about where to site your bat box please look on the B.C.T. site.


For more information about the Posh Bat Box, and The Posh Company’s other products, please visit



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