If there’s one trend from 2017 that doesn’t look like it’s going away, it’s the perennially fresh feel of Greenery. Add some green vitality to your interiors in cool Scandi fashion, with the minimalist wire Pedestal Plant Holders from Nordic Kind.
Pedestal Plant Holders
Pedestal Plant Holders


The geometric Pedestals are perfect for creating a modern and expressive home. As simple structures, they offer a great way to put greenery centre stage without garish distraction. And as coated wire, they work well in bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens or conservatories.

Available in a choice of three different colours: white, black and petrol, and in two different heights; the Pedestals are extremely suited to being displayed as a collection. Although they do provide an attractive centre piece by themselves, as with 2017’s trend for Greenery, more is more. Whether your plant of choice is a succulent, tulip or flowing ivy, put it on a Pedestal to showcase your Green credentials.

Pedestal Plant Holders

Nordic Design’s products are all carefully selected to bring customers the best of Scandinavian design, and sourced from local artists and craftspeople. The team of talented designers and craftspeople are all passionate about style and quality. Nordic Kind aims to share their stories and bring you behind the scenes to get a glimpse of the creation of their products. With belief in passion, entrepreneurship and good design, the Nordic Kind motto is to do good things, and business in a kind way. By working with the best and most passionate small business designers in their region they can provide the UK customer with a taste of Nordic life.

Pedestal Low (white/black/petrol): £34
Pedestal High (white/black/petrol): £37


Nordic Kind



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