Peckish gets ready to ‘unlock’ birdcare


Peckish is getting ready to help retailers ‘unlock’ birdcare category this autumn.
With over 40 new products in the pipeline, Peckish is getting set to swoop in with a new offering of bird food, feeders and hardware ready to capture consumers’ imagination in store.
Enter into the Secret Garden
A through the keyhole experience which will feature exclusive designs, antique features and a more decorative garden look and feel. Designed to appeal to ‘romantic’ gardeners, a new consumer category discovered through Peckish insight, this consumer wants to create an oasis of calm in their bustling world and a return to the simplicity and playfulness of days gone by. This key trend for autumn/winter 2017 will deliver feelings of wonderlust and leave consumers searching for more!
Expansion of Peckish Natural Balance range
Our Peckish Natural Balance range will expand to include a variety of sizes and formats designed to appeal to entry level consumers. Designed to work with the natural balance of your garden and featuring 100% natural ingredients, this range has broad appeal and a quality look and feel.
Hardware and Accessories
Driving ‘add on’ sales our new range of feeders, hardware and accessories will educate the consumer on how to get the best from their bird feeding experience.
A ‘must have’ product for Christmas
Shh, we’re not releasing much about this one yet….except to say that everyone will want one of these in their Christmas stocking this year!
Rachael Dickinson, Senior Marketing Manager for Peckish said: “With over 40 new products coming this autumn/winter, we’re looking forward to driving your bird care category forward, tapping into the latest consumer insight and trends.
“We’ll be releasing more details, including a full product catalogue to retailers over the coming months, which will help unlock bird care over the next 12 months.”
Further details to be announced next month.


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