ECHO have introduced a new hedge trimmer, the DHC-200 to their 50V Lithium Ion battery series which also includes trimmers and power blowers.
Like all ECHO products this hedge trimmer has built-in features which take into consideration the environment in which it will be working and operator productivity. As a Lithium Ion product, the hedge trimmer offers clean battery power whilst providing performance equal to its petrol counterparts. It’s also built to the same professional standard as ECHO’s petrol hedge trimmers with their reputation for being powerful, tough and durable.
“The ecological features of the new DHC-200, as with all the ECHO Lithium Ion series products,” say ECHO “offer contractors and professional landscapers exceptional benefits. The low noise makes them ideally suited to use in noise-sensitive areas such as schools and nursing homes. Low emissions are beneficial in their use in parks, nature reserves and organic gardens.”
There are other considerations such as reduced maintenance costs due to fewer moving parts, easy-to-use controls with no recoil start, no more fuel filling or cold starting. The DHC-200 just needs charging up and it’s ready to go. It’s lightweight and very comfortable to use, thanks to the ergonomic design of the front handle which helps manoeuvrability, and it can be used for long periods with little fatigue. Gardeners trimming ornamental hedges can count on the variable speed control for precision cutting and optimized run-time. The 62cm double-sided precision cut blades provide a clean cut with a long-lasting sharpness for a beautiful finish. The DHC-200 uses energy efficient motor controls to manage motor speed, power delivery and battery temperature for improved cutting performance and battery life.
The DHC-200 comes with a 2Ah battery and rapid charger as standard, with an optional 4Ah battery for a longer run time. The rapid battery charger ensures the 2Ah battery is boosted to 80% capacity in 24 minutes and the 4Ah in 48 minutes. It’s also a hedge trimmer that is clean to use and store and there’s no need to store and mix two-stroke fuel. The two-year professional use and 5-year domestic warranty shows that ECHO are extremely confident in their machines. This confidence continues in its 50V battery range with a two-year warranty on all 50V lithium ion batteries.

Find out more from your local authorised ECHO dealer, or call 0800 597 7777 for more information



  1. I’m wondering more about this line: “Like all ECHO products this hedge trimmer has built-in features which take into consideration the environment in which it will be working and operator productivity.”

    I haven’t used any ECHO product but I’d like to know how it takes consideration the environment? I think it’s a vague sentence. Can I have more information?

  2. I like the fact that this portable trimmer does not use electricity but only a rechargeable battery, more over, being low noise makes it more attractive

  3. I wonder how big is the size of the actual battery? Anyway the concept is cool taking the Celllphone advantage and taking it up a notch.

  4. This idea is cool. I mean you do not have to worry about gas or electricity. However, how will you replace the power source once it dies out?

  5. Here in the country I dont usually see people trimming their garden with these kind of tools. So I think this is way too fast and better to use than just cutting it with big scissors. Cool!



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