Make light work of gardening this British Flowers Week

British Flowers Week

Bosch EasyPrune power-assisted cordless secateurs: Power-assist technology for a boost when you need it

Finalist in this year’s RHS Garden Product of the Year competition at Chelsea Flower Show
Effortless cutting: Cut branches with a diameter of up to 25 millimetres
A cut above the rest: Cuts cleanly into any wood, from fibrous to thick
A tool that just keeps on going: Up to 450 cuts with a single battery charge

British Flowers Week (18-24 June 2018) is the annual celebration of British flowers and the UK cut flower industry, and Bosch Home and Garden has the ideal, one-of-a-kind tool to use during this week and beyond: the EasyPrune (RRP £85.00).

British Flowers Week

Inspired by Bosch E-Bike innovation, where power-assist technology kicks in when resistance is sensed, the Bosch EasyPrune is the only power-assisted pair of secateurs on the market.

Thanks to this innovative technology, Bosch’s EasyPrune cordless secateurs make gardening even easier and deliver a ground-breaking performance. Whether you’re pruning flowers, thinning out individual branches in hedges or trimming shrubs, bushes and fruit trees, the lightweight EasyPrune lets you make cuts effortlessly with one hand. It cuts through branches of up to 25 millimetres in diameter too.

Nik Southern, Founder and Director of Grace & Thorn, comments: “Every year, we look forward to British Flowers Week at Grace & Thorn to celebrate our independent business and the British flowers we use to produce sensational creations for our customers.

“We couldn’t wait to use Bosch’s new product, the EasyPrune, to help us prepare for the week itself and make light work of our daily pruning tasks. We’re really pleased with the tool’s innovative technology and we’re looking forward to continue using the EasyPrune to help produce the best designs for our customers.”

From novice right through to seasoned gardeners, the EasyPrune appeals to everyone and helps to revolutionise pruning!

Power assistance for full control – here’s how it works:

Cutting different material types and thicknesses requires different amounts of force. This is where Bosch’s power-assist technology comes in: A sensor measures the pressure being exerted as you cut.

If the force required exceeds a certain limit, the electronic power-assist function will automatically kick in.

To ensure that the cutting operation is controlled at all times, the power-assist function only activates when the handles are actively squeezed together, as they would be with conventional secateurs.

A choice of three different settings also lets you adjust the power assistance to your individual needs. The result is that, however many cuts you make, your hand will not tire because the EasyPrune makes light work of cutting all types of branches, thick or thin.

Cut not crushed: A clean result

From fibrous materials such as wilted tulips to thick shrubbery, the EasyPrune guarantees a smooth, clean cut thanks to its bypass cutting system, whereby the blades slide past one another in a scissor action. Unlike conventional secateurs, which can get jammed if the branch is too thick, the EasyPrune power-assist technology delivers a far superior performance, eliminating the need to stop, remove the branch from the tool and reposition in order to continue the cut.

The EasyPrune can cut through branches 25 millimetres thick up to 450 times with just one battery charge. When the battery is fully discharged, it can be recharged using the Micro USB charger. An indicator shows the charging progress, and helps you keep track of how much charge is left when you are using the tool.


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