As festivities come to an end this weekend following the twelfth day of Christmas, most will be putting away the decorations and this means living areas can be left looking a little bare. To ensure we’re not left pining for our Christmas trees this year, a new campaign by has been launched to replace the festive furs with  new houseplants.

Christmas Tree Out, Houseplant In has been launched through by the Flower Council of Holland and the Dracaena plant has been suggested as the perfect replacement for the Christmas tree.

The Dracaena is thought to be a great addition as the plant can reach a height of around three feet indoors and has a ‘bushy tree’ appearance.

Taking care of a Dracaena can seem fairly simple, however, over watering or poor drainage can lead to drooping or yellowing leaves. LECHUZA, who design and manufacture stylish self-watering plant pots, are experts in the gardening and home sector and support the growth of all house plants.

By using the LECHUZA CUBE 30, which is perfect for tall houseplants, soil will be kept moist and healthy. Ideally you should keep your Dracaena in a temperature of around 10-13 degrees, and in a light position but out of direct sunlight.

Ian Riggs, Key Account Manager at LECHUZA, shares his insights into sprucing up your home in the New Year.

“This January it’s all about taking the Christmas tree out and bringing in vibrant houseplants. It can be difficult to keep on top of things in the New Year, which is why LECHUZA plant pots are designed to save you the hassle of watering and maintenance. Simply potting a Dracaena or other large houseplant in the space of your Christmas tree in a CUBE 30 planter will soon bring your room back to life.”

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