Clearing mountains of autumn leaves and debris can be a labour intensive and energy zapping task; particularly with heavy, hard to manoeuvre equipment to move around as you work. Billy Goat wheeled vacuums are suitable for all residential, commercial and municipal property clean up requirements.  Designed for use on both lawns and hard surfaces, Billy Goat wheeled vacuums are built to last, with many now being in service around the world for more than 20 years.

With light yet incredibly durable wheels, vacuums from Billy Goat increase portability and remove the strain from the autumn clean up jobs. The lightweight Little Billy is perfect for domestic and residential applications; it is 20” wide with a wide nozzle that provides superior suction and instantaneous clearance. This entry level model has an easy height adjustment and felt bag with 105 litre collection capacity, making it the perfect partner for domestic gardeners wanting to increase their efficiency.

Also designed to meet the needs of both the domestic and residential markets is the KV Series, which has both hand and self propelled models. With a 27” width and a five blade impeller with serrated edges, the KV Series maximises suction and tackles debris with ease. It is also available with an on-board 2” chipper to help clear branches too.

On the professional side, Billy Goat produce the heavy duty MV Series that is ideal for larger properties, commercial sites and council applications. With a 29” width, MV Series models pick up all rubbish and debris from both hard surfaces and turf, with a 151 litre collection capacity that makes light work of clearing large areas.

For additional suction all Billy Goat vacuums are available with optional hose kits.

See for yourself how Billy Goat tackles really tough jobs at



  1. This looks very handy yet very powerful wheeled vacuum. You gotta invest on this kind of equipment especially during autumn. Thanks for sharing this article!

  2. It sounds good to be able to work on the lawn and also hard surface. I think it will be really good use for those especially have a big field in the house. It’s so nice to get one for autumn now!

  3. What could be guessed from the description, it is a useful equipment for them who possess bigger property. The machine sounds to be efficient and handy as well. If the price is reasonable, this could be worth giving a try.

  4. “Designed for use on both lawns and hard surfaces, Billy Goat wheeled vacuums are built to last, with many now being in service around the world for more than 20 years.” What I think that, if customers get a good-designed lawn machine, they might have a fresh lawn.

  5. I love that this comes with an ready to buy separately hose kit. We need something portable as we have a lot of land space that is scattered through out here. This looks like just the vacuum we need.

  6. Wow. Not only can you use it for autumn clean-ups, but they invented one for industrial and commercial jobs as well! Good job for innovating on this space. 🙂

  7. ok this is so awesome i went and opened/checked out the prices. i have 20 maple trees around my perimiter. i would love to not have to rake them all the time.



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