strawberry pests

It’s that time of year again, when strawberries take centre court and everyone’s mind turns to bowls of the juicy, red berries, doused in lashings of cream, perhaps eaten with the sound of tennis in background…

These scarlet morsels are an undeniable treat, evoking memories of summer days, and are even rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It is thought that five strawberries contain more antioxidant power than three apples or four bananas.

Nearly all of the strawberries grown in the UK are now grown in polytunnels. This has drastically extended the fruit growing season, increasing it from just eight weeks in June and July to all through May to mid-autumn. It has also almost eliminated wet weather diseases and massively increased yields.

What polytunnels cannot do, though, is protect against vine weevils. These creamy-white, legless larvae grubs are serious pests of strawberries, feeding on the roots of the plant until it entirely collapses.

Adult vine weevils also attack the plant by feeding on its leaves. Whilst this won’t necessarily kill it, it does indicate that there will soon be grubs lurking below the soil, so, at the very least, a preventative measure is needed.

Vine weevils are notoriously difficult to control, but the professionals use a biological treatment of nematodes to eliminate them. These beneficial nematodes are microscopic worm-like organisms that are found naturally in garden soil. They are nature’s way of controlling garden pests and BASF, the EU’s largest specialist nematode producer, has created the Nemasys Biological Vine Weevil Killer to protect strawberries and other plants from this voracious pest.

This professional grade treatment is available to domestic gardeners too, and a regular regime of watering it on every four weeks through the growing season will help to keep the pests at bay and can be simply slotted into your regular watering schedule.

BASF is passionate about supplying its nematodes fresh, rather than dried, as this ensures the quality of the product remains high and consistently effective.

An entire season’s worth of pest control can be purchased via online stockists and delivered straight to your door throughout the season, allowing you to spend more time in the garden and rest assured that your pest control is taken care of for another year.


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