SOLAR POWERED SHED:Gardeners no longer have to worry about heading indoors every time they need to power up, with an innovative solar unit from The Posh Shed Company.

Featuring two USB ports, the Solar Hub is a convenient extra electricity source that can be used for charging up mobile phones and other devices. It could even be used for powering a kettle, meaning that you can make the most of the outdoors for longer, without having to go back inside for that much-needed cup of tea.

The Hubi Solar Hub is also ideal for gardeners who enjoy listening to music whilst gardening, as the solar set has the ability to charge up a speaker stereo, enabling music to be listened to all day long.

The solar power system works by collecting daylight and sunlight through the panel and converting this to DC electricity which feeds directly to the hub, whilst the smart internal electronics ensure the system never gets overcharged.

With the autumnal months fast approaching, and as the mornings and evenings start to get darker, the solar shed is perfect for providing a reliable light source, enabling gardeners to light up their sheds without connecting to a mains electricity source.

Richard Frost, managing director of The Posh Shed Company said: “We understand that modern technology plays an important role in lives today which is why we’ve brought out The Posh Shed solar set. It allows gardeners to work in their gardens for longer without having to work around the battery life of devices.

The set is easy to install and can not only be fitted onto new sheds but also onto older models too for our existing customers, meaning that anyone can bring their shed into the future.”

The Posh Shed solar set fits compactly onto the shed roof and comes with a 5w solar panel, 12v LED strip light, main Hubi unit, connecting cables and a mounted shelf to fit neatly on.

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