GroundsCare Products had a lot of interest in their show stand at the  recent Garden Press Event. Their machinery portfolio provides unique solutions to some common landscape problems.

Turf Teq Edger/Trencher

This unique, multipurpose machine will groom the edges of existing flower and shrub beds; cut a new edge & gulley around neglected beds; create new landscaping beds from scratch; edge pathways and kerbs to restore a neat appearance and dig shallow slits and trenches, in five different widths, for low voltage cable, fibre-optic cable, irrigation pipe, reptile fence, drainage and metal lawn edging.

GroundsCare Products


ZipLevel is a revolutionary, digital survey product for transferring levels and measuring height differences. It needs only one person to operate it; is compact and light weight; easy to use and carry; requires virtually no set-up; can store up to 137 measurements and does not need line of sight, so can work around corners and obstacles – unlike laser and dumpy levels.

GroundsCare Products



RotoCleanse is the efficient new way to clean flat surfaces. It is a self-contained, walk-behind, professional pressure washer designed for cleaning tarmac, concrete, brick pavers, sports surfaces and wooden boardwalks.  It has a heavy- duty skirt that eliminates overspray and contamination of nearby objects.

GroundsCare Products

All of these products and more…. Can be found on their web-site


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