John O’Conner’s Strategic Director, Nikki Singh-Barmi, has been working in partnership with allsop software to develop their new intelligent software for the scheduling of grounds maintenance and landscaping services.

The solution has been built on custom web and mobile technologies marries the functionality of dynamic scheduling with business intelligence. The primary screen presents the resource schedule with conditional formatting to highlight key events.

It enables their managers to create a master schedule for the individual teams based on each team’s work rotations and cycles, plus consider meeting other key objectives within the overall company strategy.

grounds maintenance scheduling

This empowers the operations to make strategic decisions in line with their company objectives whilst ensuring the best customer service is met.

The work schedule appears on an individual’s mobile device for completion by our operations team, which also keeps the office up to date automatically. This update is colour coded representing each job status, for example in progress, completed and scheduled. Such an informed environment presents opportunities for operations to move or add jobs just in time to meet targets and present enviable customer standards.

This key information allows their operations to make timely decisions without seeking approval and missing the opportunity to excel for the customer. A repeatable service level for the customer based on actual activity planning schedules into the future.

Collecting and analysing an accurate record of this data will further assist scheduling, as well as alerting their managers to their highest performing teams.

“The team at allsop were able to very quickly gain a deep understanding of our business and what we were trying to achieve. This has enabled our relationship to transcend the commercial transaction and we are benefiting from genuine technology partners that really comprehend our vision for our business. The unique way that we are now able to combine our mobile workforce management, back office and operational management tools in an intelligent system and share real time service data directly with our customers is a great step forward for our sector. This also supports our vision of employing the optimum technology to push greater efficiencies and create value whilst keeping things as simple as possible for our customers and ourselves.”

Nikki Singh-Barmi, Strategic Director, John O’Conner


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